This Guy Slept With His Stepsister, Then Found Out She Was Cheating On Him With The Rest Of His FAMILY

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I used to think that all the stories on shows like Maury were fake, but at a certain point you have to sit back and realize no one in their right mind would be able to make up shit like this no matter how hard they tried.

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Watch Two Sisters Named Blonde Electra Make Out On ‘The X Factor’


Do you remember that Simon Cowell show The X Factor that came and went on American TV because The Voice and American Idol are really all we can stand.


This Woman Has A Bizarre Habit Of Dating Men Who Have Sex With Their Sisters And It’s Happened TWICE So Far

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Before I begin, here’s some obligatory Jaime/Cersei Game of Thrones gifs: Oh wait false alarm, I’ve changed my mind because even fake television incest is fucking gross and creepy.

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Woman Calls 911 After 72-Year-Old Husband Suggests Doing Some Incest


A South Carolina woman called 911 after she became concerned when her 72-year-old husband suggested that he wanted to bang his sisters.

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Lannisters ‘Reunited’ is a touching ‘Game of Thrones’ mashup


The Game of Thrones season finale served to wrap up several story lines, one of which was Jamie Lannister's long, hard journey to be "Reunited" with his familial lover, Cersei.

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