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Real-Life Peter Griffin Goes To New York’s Comic-Con 2014, Acts His Loveable Self


Earlier this year I posted about the so-called "Real Life Peter Griffin", a Peter Griffin cosplayer who makes the rounds at various East Coast Comic-Cons while giving a spot-on Peter Griffin from Family Guy impression.

frank caliendo

Frank Caliendo Proves He Can Flawlessly Imitate Every ESPN Personality


If imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, Frank Caliendo must really, really like the people who work at ESPN.


Benedict Cumberbatch Nails A Ton Of Celebrity Impressions But His Taylor Swift Voice Really Shines Brightest


Benedict Cumberbatch is busy promoting his new movie The Imitation Game so he's probably answered the question "can you do imitations.

Shaquille ONeal

Dwight Howard’s Shaquille O’Neal Impression is Pretty Stellar


Several mouth-breathing fans stuck around after the Houston Rockets-Milwaukee Bucks game to get Dwight Howard's autograph.


Andy Roddick’s Jay-Z Impression Is So Bad, Every Rap Fan Will Want to Jump Off a Bridge


Hilariously-bad video from Brooklyn Decker, who uploaded this ridiculous impression of Jay-Z by her husband, Andy Roddick.

Peter Griffin

This Camel (Yes, Camel) Does a Perfect Peter Griffin Impression


That's about as good a rendition as anyone could do.

key and peele

Key & Peele Attempt World Record for the Most Impressions In One Minute


You name the celebrity, Key & Peele have an impression for it.


Bro Does Amazing Impressions of ‘Family Guy’ and ‘Breaking Bad’ Characters


YouTuber Scheiffer Bates is killing it at the impression game these days.

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