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Jimmy Fallon Whips The Shit Outta Dana Carvey When It Comes To Al Pacino Impressions On ‘The Tonight Show’

Not even a fair fight.

Bill Murray’s Harry Caray Impression is Still On Point

Holy cow.

Dope Bro Does 33 Simpsons Impressions in Four Minutes

I can't believe I watched the whole thing.

Dwight Howard’s Shaquille O’Neal Impression is Pretty Stellar

Several mouth-breathing fans stuck around after the Houston Rockets-Milwaukee Bucks game to get Dwight Howard’s autograph. Not satisfied with just […]

Andy Roddick’s Jay-Z Impression Is So Bad, Every Rap Fan Will Want to Jump Off a Bridge

Hilariously-bad video from Brooklyn Decker, who uploaded this ridiculous impression of Jay-Z by her husband, Andy Roddick. Stick to tennis, Bro... 

This Camel (Yes, Camel) Does a Perfect Peter Griffin Impression

That's about as good a rendition as anyone could do.

Key & Peele Attempt World Record for the Most Impressions In One Minute

You name the celebrity, Key & Peele have an impression for it. In fact, they're able to work in 35 impressions in about a minute,

Bro Does Amazing Impressions of ‘Family Guy’ and ‘Breaking Bad’ Characters

YouTuber Scheiffer Bates is killing it at the impression game these days. In his latest video, he does one of the best Stewie Griffin and Jesse

Bro Does Dozens of Impressions In Under Five Minutes

I don't know who this Bro Scheiffer Bates is, but his impression game is 100% on-point. Like a Boss...

Bro Does a Ridiculous Cover of Miley Cyrus’s ‘Wrecking Ball’ In Different Impressions

This is easily my new favorite parody video of Miley Cyrus' "Wrecking Ball." This Bro kills the song, performing it while doing impressions of Herbert, Stewie, Joe,

Homeless Man Does Amazing ‘Breaking Bad’ Impressions for Food

OK, this video seems like a pretty obvious fake viral stunt, but it's worth it for a bearded shirtless dude giving amazing Breaking Bad impressions. According to

Bro Does 31 ‘South Park’ Impressions in TWO Minutes

Brock Baker (the "man of a kajillion voices") can pull off a convincing impression of just about every major South Park character. He even (amazingly)

Impressionist Channels Every Cartoon Character While Singing ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’

As far as I can tell, the only people using the internet are budding impressionists who want to be discovered. They’ve replaced cat people, so

Which One of this Bro’s 105 Impressions is the Best?

In a world increasingly interested in sabremetrics, we feel inclined to give you some stats. This guy does 105 impressions in six minutes and 25

Watch This Incredible Morgan Freeman Impersonator Read Passages from ‘Everyone Poops’

This dude made some waves after his impression of Morgan Freeman's famed Shawshank speech went viral last year. Now he's back, (hilariously) reading excerpts from

This Bro’s ‘Game of Thrones’ Impressions are Devilishly Good

Impressionist Bro Steve Love has hit up Westeros before, but these brand new impressions are quite good. Sort of thing that'll make youwant to send

This Is a Very Awesome Impression of Nicolas Cage in a Horror Movie

Don't let the initial Dutch onslaught fool you. 20 seconds in, this becomes rather magical. 

Watch Will Sasso Do Tremendous Arnold Schwarzenegger Impressions While Driving Around

This supercut is pulled from Will Sasso's Vine profile. The former Mad TV star has spent the last few weeks there delivering 14 hilarious 5-second

When Celebrities Impersonate Other Celebrities, We All Win

Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery.

Impressionist Bro Steve Love Imitates South Park Characters, ‘Game of Thrones’ Style

Pretty cool mashup here from the reliably entertaining Steve Love. You may have seen his takes on Family Guy, The Wire, and Snoop and other musicians.

Here’s Leonardo DiCaprio Doing a Spot-On Jack Nicholson Impression


Bro Reads ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ in 50 Different Celebrity Voices

People are still getting all hot and bothered by the sexy “Fifty Shades of Grey.” I saw an old lady reading it just yesterday on

Steve Love’s Impressions from ‘The Wire’ Are Fantastic

DAMN. Our boy Steve Love -- the best impressionist on YouTube -- just one-upped himself once again. This time he nails most of the major

Bro of the Week Pits the Dead Against the Living

Each week, Bros go above and beyond the call of duty. For that, they receive Bro of the Week consideration. We’re putting the power in

J.P. Arenciba Does a Perfect Impression of ESPN’s Tim Kurkjian

Toronto Blue Jays catcher J.P. Arencibia does a pretty good Tim Kurkjian impression. With the “Baseball Tonight” spring training tour in town today,

This Kid’s Morgan Freeman Impression Is Spot-On

Probably one of the best Morgan Freeman impressions you'll ever watch, via Hot Clicks. Bravo. He's got Red from "Shawshank" down, but I'd

Impressionist Does Shakespeare in Over 20 Celebrity Voices

Impressive display of celebrity impessions that include several I've never seen done before, like Ricky Gervais and George Clooney. He also does a

‘Back to the Future’ Audition Impressions Highlight This Week’s ‘Saturday Night Live’

Another half-decent episode of "Saturday Night Live" this week (can someone tell Kristen Wiig to stop playing the same annoying character in every skit?), but