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This Vine of a Beyonce Impersonator Talking About Breastfeeding Blue Is Addicting

I wish I was could explain what was so great about this. But just watch it. You'll see. 

ESPN Celebrates Dick Vitale’s 35 Years of Service By Having Its Staff Do Impersonations of Him

Holy Christ, these are bad. In nine minutes of this, there might be one or two good impersonations of Dick Vitale by ESPN's on-air talent. Normally, I'd call

Simon Helberg’s Nic Cage Impersonation is Freakin’ Hilarious

And so is that face he's making. Long live screen grabs.

Bro Pranks People By Talking to Them as Characters on ‘Family Guy’

The audio is, at times, horrible, and I'm not sure how this is a "prank" but all-in-all this was a decent effort at Family Guy

‘Hello, Friends’: Random People Do Their Best Jim Nantz Impersonations

Masters Week. Masters Week! MOTHERFUCKING MASTERS WEEK!. Goddamn, am I ready. This is without a doubt my favorite golf week of the year, and fuck,

Steve Love’s Impressions from ‘The Wire’ Are Fantastic

DAMN. Our boy Steve Love -- the best impressionist on YouTube -- just one-upped himself once again. This time he nails most of the major

Steve Love’s ‘Game Of Thrones’ Impressions Are Freakin’ Unreal

By now you're quite familiar with Steve Love, the Queen’s University Bro who's Internet famous for his impressions of celebrities and Family Guy characters. His

Dwight Howard is a Terrible Impressionist

Howard was on BET's 106 and Park and he began doing impersonations...very bad impersonations. He did Biggie, LL Cool J., Lebron James, and Charles Barkley.