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I’m Shmacked x Florida State Features So Many Hot Biddies You’ll Want to #TurnUpOrTransfer

College. How we miss you. It's only June and we're already counting down the days until Fall semester.

University Of Arizona Pool Party Season Just Might Be the Greatest Thing Ever

Woah. Fathers... Be very worried if your daughters go to the University of Arizona.

I’m Shmacked Went to Ultra and RAGED their Faces Off, Bitches

Our impresario OGs at I'm Shmacked headed to Ultra a couple weeks ago to get TURNT UP with electro/house Bros DVBBS, who BLEW UP the

I’m Shmacked x University of Tennessee Is So Turnt, You’ll Want to Butt-Chug a Four Loko

I always knew Knoxville got weird, but I didn't realize it got this weird until we watched the latest I'm Shmacked video from UT's Boxing

Penn State’s Syllabus Week, Summarized In One Epic Party Video

Now that State Patty’s Day has gone to shit, Spring Semester Syllabus Week at Penn State might be the most […]

Is Boston the Best College Town In the United States?

By shipping up to Boston to rage at Harvard, Boston College, and Boston University, the Bros at I’m Shmacked are […]

I’m Shmacked x Syracuse, Featuring Gaggles of Turnt Sorority Girls

Two things are guaranteed when you show up at Syracuse University in January during cold-ass Duke week: Hot turnt sorority […]

I’m Shmacked Cameraman Arrested for Conspiracy to Incite a Riot at ODU

Bad news for the Bros at I'm Shmacked, who was recently valued at $5 million in December. After reportedly being turned away from multiple parties at

I’m Shmacked Heads to LSU, Parties With the Baddest College Babes on the Planet

How can you not love this? LSU girls are truly the baddest girls in the SEC. 

I’m Shmacked Values at $5 Mil, Drops SICK College Party Video Recapping Fall Semester Tour

It's been quite a Fall semester for our Bros at I'm Shmacked. With Finals wrapping up at colleges across the country, they just dropped one of

I’m Shmacked x University of Alabama: Why T-Town Is the Best Damn College Town on the Planet

Tuscaloosa on a college football Saturday in the fall > anywhere else in the world. My mouth is salivating over the mere thought of Dreamland BBQ

Epic Video of Hot College Girls Getting Shmacked at Florida State on Halloween

Finally... A new I'm Shmacked video! It doesn't disappoint, either, considering that there's HOT. GIRLS. EVERYWHERE. I've died and gone to ratchet hot girl heaven and it's

Want to DJ for I’m Shmacked?! Here’s Your Chance

The craziest college party in America is inviting you to JOIN THE MOVEMENT.

‘Things You Should Never Do During Sex,’ According to Possibly Drunk Ole Miss Students

What happens when I'm Shmacked rolls into Oxford, Mississippi to party with a bunch of coeds and ask them about their sex lives? This highly

‘I’m Shmacked’ Releases Insane Video to Promote Fall Tour

URI, Penn State, ECU, Wisconsin and Ohio State (and many more)? It looks like the ne'er-do-wells of I'm Shmacked at a fun fall bus tour.

University of Florida Coeds Explain to I’m Shmacked the Craziest Thing They’ve Ever Done Drunk

We've all done some pretty silly things while under the influence, especially during our college glory days. The dudes from I'm Shmacked were recently down in Gainesville

Relationships vs. One-Night Stands: I’m Shmacked Asks College Students at The U What They Prefer

Our buddies at I'm Shmacked were down in Coral Gables this past weekend hanging out with the Bros and Babes of The U. They asked

Ever Wonder How Hard Clemson Parties?

A couple of weeks ago the guys from I'm Shmacked headed to Clemson, South Carolina to rage for the FSU game. The Tigers didn't come away with

I’m Shmacked Went to THE Ohio State University, Much Twerking Ensued

Don't forget the "THE." Never forget the "THE." 

Another Reason Why the University of Wisconsin-Madison Is the Greatest Party School in the Country

They may have shut down the Mifflin Street Block Party -- one of the finest spring party traditions in the country -- but they'll never

Hottest SlowMo Instagram Video of All Time Is From USC, Of Course

Shout out to I'm Shmacked for making great use of that new iPhone 5c SloMo video feature for perhaps the most amazing Instagram video of

I’m Shmacked Went to Texas A&M University for the Alabama Game, Awesomeness Ensued

Johnny Manziel would be proud of how hard his Aggies threw down when I'm Shmacked rolled through College Station for the Alabama game. 

I’m Shmacked x University of Rhode Island

Minus that hicup at Delaware when the Blue Hends went all little-brother syndrome on everyone, I'm Shmacked is back in full-swing, showing up at campuses

University of Delaware Student Arrested for Rioting

In the aftermath of the University of Delaware riot started by a few I'm Shmacked tweets, the mugshots are now pouring in. 18-year-old John Marine—a University

I’m Shmacked x University of Michigan During Welcome Week Is Everything That Makes College Great

Unlike certain other schools, the University of Michigan knows how to party without completely losing its shit. I'm pretty sure they call that "The Michigan Difference."  Hey!

I’m Shmacked Issues an Official Response to the University of Delaware’s Ridiculousness Last Night

This press release from I'm Shmacked just arrived in our inbox, addressing last night's ridiculousness at the University of Delaware. TL;DR: UDel got waaaaaayyyy to

What Happened with I’m Shmacked at the University of Delaware?

We're not entirely sure what happened at the University of Delaware last night, other than the fact that the college party-documentary YouTube channel I'm Shmacked

I’m Shmacked x East Carolina University Proves There Ain’t No Hotties Like Carolina Hotties

I'm Shmacked is BACK and they're going big this year, baby. Kicking things off: A trip down to Greenville to rage at East Carolina University and it's

I’m Shmacked x West Chester University

As you might recall, West Chester University's Quatro de Mayo Party ended with a bunch of douchebags flipping some poor kid's car, which was a

The Ultimate Back-to-College Hype Video Is Here…

Summer? Eh.... Over it. College.... Coming soon to a campus near you. #getready

Miss College? Get Stoked for Fall 2013 with I’m Shmacked x University of Texas-Austin

I know, I know... Let's not rush the summer. But still... Who doesn't wish college was back in session? To get you stoked for next

Fratty Bros Being Fratty Bros in I’m Shmacked x University of Florida

Summer 2013 is just beginning, but it's never too soon to get ready for college football season. Thus, our OG's over at I'm Shmacked dropped

Watch a Super Lame Fox 5 News Report About ‘I’m Shmacked’

Breaking story on tonight's 10 o'clock news: PEOPLE MAKE VIDEOS FOR THE INTERNET!  Gotta love the oversensationalized slippery slope logic of broadcast news. The guys at

Hot College Girls EVERYWHERE In I’m Shmacked x University of Arizona

"Why the hell did I go to school where it's cold" -- Every person who ever went to college somewhere cold and sunless after watching

I’m Shmacked x the University of Massachusetts

Back in March, I'm Shmacked went to Amherst, Massachusetts to rage at the 33rd best party school in the country. The video makes the case of

Win Tickets to I’m Shmacked x DVBBS In Boulder!

CU and Boulder Bros, we have good news for you. Our dudes at I'm Shmacked are throwing a huge Thursday night RAGE with DVBBs at

I’m Shmacked x University of Colorado-Boulder, St. Patrick’s Day

No one questions the University of Dayton's dominance over St. Patrick's day. After visiting WVU last year on March 17th, this year the I'm Shmacked

I’m Shmacked x University of Illinois, Unofficial Weekend 2013

For their latest college party video, I'm Shmacked headed to Urbana-Champaign to see the Illini party during "Unoffical" St. Patty's Day Weekend. The parties were

I’m Shmacked x UCLA

For their latest videos, the dudes from I'm Shmacked headed to L.A.'s Westwood neighborhood to hang out at the University of California, Los Angeles. The Bruins

I’m Shmacked x East Carolina University

After a stop in Happy Valley, the I'm Shmacked crew headed down to Greenville, North Carolina to rage with East Carolina's Pirate Nation.