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Hotel Valet Destroys a $500,000 Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder In a Matter of Seconds

Next time you're having a bad day, remember that it's no where near as bad as this Indian hotel valet's day.

This Drunk Driver Is Not Very Good at Drunk Driving

Don't think they needed a field sobriety test for this one.

Girl Scalds Brother When She Throws Boiling Hot Water On Him As Part of an ‘Internet Challenge’

Keep an eye out for the soon-to-be-viral Cold-Blooded Murder Prank!

Sitting On People’s Laps “Prank” Goes Right When Prankster Gets Rocked in the Face

Let's keep punching these idiots until they go away.

Idiot Congratulates Nicolas Mahut on His French Open Loss


Guy Bullying an Elderly Couple on New York City Bus Gets What The Fuck Was Coming to Him

Public transportation.

Here’s a Vine of a Wannabe White Gangsta Who Doesn’t Know How to Use a Handgun

So hard.

Idiot On Instagram Taunts Police with a Blunt and the Middle Finger. Guess What Happens Next?

This man really, really likes weed. But guess what happened when he posted an Instagram pic with his middle finger up to the county sheriff's

7 Reasons Why Society Praises Idiots

If you’re a living human being, chances are you have come in contact with a person you consider “stupid” in your lifetime. It might be

High School Idiots Chant ‘We Want Slurpees’ at an Indian Player

Ugh. Racism. When a player of Indian descent took the free throw line this past Friday, a group of high school idiots in Western New York

Genius Bro Texts and Drives While a Cop is Behind Him, Guess What Happens Next?

When texting first hit the scene back in the mid-aughts, I'll admit I was firing off texts fast and loose while behind the wheel of a

Grown-Ass Man at Little League World Series Goes After Home Run Ball With Way Too Much Passion

It’s nice that ESPN continues to put the Little League World Series on national television because it’s always fun to see kids with overactive pituitary

Large Man at E3 Puts on Spellbinding Dance Display

This guy’s moves will either thrill or disgust you. There is no middle ground. This issue has irreparably divided our office this afternoon. J.Camm and

Katherine Webb Didn’t Do So Well in Jay Leno’s Trivia Game

Three of America’s biggest thinkers gathered together on Jay Leno’s show on Friday night. Katherine Webb, Kendra Wilkinson and Alexis Bellino struggled to answer basic

Richmond’s ‘Shamrock the Block’ Was a Drunken Sh*tshow of Green Spandex and Idiots Fighting Cops

How was St. Patrick's Day in Richmond, Virginia? I'm glad you asked! Here's some interesting fight footage of cops arresting a shirtless dude in spandex shorts.

A Bro Tries to Kill a Spider By Punching Wall, Creates Big Problem

As soon as this video started rolling, I began to root for something bad to happen to this guy. His voice is extremely grating. It

Drunk Businessman Provides Funniest Moment of the Day By Trying to Go Down the Up Escalator

HAHAHA, YES!!! This super-serious businessman may be severely intoxicated, but he’ll be damned if he lets anyone break his stride.

Philadelphia Man Emerges From Building’s Rubble, Is Promptly Arrested for Looting

This is a pretty good indication you flat-out suck at life, isn’t it?

This is How You Lose on ‘Wheel of Fortune’

“Wheel of Fortune” always struck me as an old person’s show, so it’s with great delight that I learn it’s occasionally worth watching.

Daughter Doesn’t Get Airline Job, So Dad Handcuffs Self to Soccer Goal

Yesterday's Manchester City-Everton match was delayed when a disgruntled man ran onto the pitch and handcuffed himself to a goalpost. Security opted not