the 9th semester

Why Bros Need to Start Icing Bros Again


A few summers ago a bored genius frat bro invented icing.


What’s the Next Big Bro Trend to Sweep Across America?


In the wake of the recent "BrosIcingBros" phenomena, which took the nation by storm this spring, we here at BroBible have begun to ask the question: What's the next epidemic.


The 15 Most Inappropriate Places to Ice Someone


After hearing a story about an icing at a funeral and then an actual mid-coitus icing (rumor has it that the guy took it like a champ and then re-engaged in battle), we figured we would throw together a list of the most inappropriate times or place to ice someone.

smirnoff ice

UPDATED: The New York Times Gives Credit to BroBible Brommunity Post as Originator of Bros Icing Bro


 A story in Wednesday's Business section of the New York Times confirms what we've suspected all along: this BroBible.

smoking baby

In a Week Filled With Oddities, Who Was The Biggest Bro?


If I were to sum up this week in one word, it would have to be "peculiar.


Exclusive Photos: Bro Ices Hobart President Mark Gearan During Graduation!


 We heard the rumors, and now we have the photographic proof.


Bros Gettin’ Iced in All Kinds of Places


On Friday we told you about Bros getting iced while on the job at Goldman Sachs.

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