weirdest baseball players

MLB Oddballs: The 20 freakiest, funniest crackpots in baseball


Find out who the most hilarious guys are on and off the mound, including Ryan Dempster, Hunter Pence, Brian Wilson, Ichiro Suzuki, and more.

Michael Jordan

Here’s Awesome Video of Ichiro Suzuki and Michael Jordan Hanging Out in 1995


This is one of those examples when I’m not entirely sure if anything more than the title is necessary.

New York Yankees

Ichiro Suzuki’s Astounding Maneuver at Home Plate Has to Be Seen to Be Believed


Ichiro Suzuki plays the game a little differently than practically any player that’s ever put on a uniform.

Seattle Mariners

Sayonara Ichiro Suzuki, sayonara!


Ichiro Suzuki asked the Mariners for a trade weeks ago and on Monday they obliged, sending him to the Yankees in exchange for some pitching prospects.

ichiro traded

Whoa: Ichiro Suzuki Traded to the Yankees


Ichibro Ichiro Suzuki has been traded to the New York Yankees, according to YES's Jack Curry.

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