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This GoPro Video of a Guy Juggling in Iceland Is Strangely Fascinating

Anyone else want to go to Iceland now?

25 Reasons Iceland Shouldn’t Ban Porn

Pornography has been, and always will be, the greatest creation in entertainment history. So why would any country want to enforce a ban on porn?

This Picture of Drunk Dude Taped to His Seat on a Flight from Iceland to New York Is Priceless

Getting hammered on a flight is fun. But this? Woah, Bro... 

Lithuania’s Jonas Valanciunas Had a Slam Dunk for the Ages

Fun Olympic basketball fact: everyone dunks in the same language.

Someone Finally Got Around to Making a Mash-Up of All the Stjarnan F.C. Goal Celebrations

Remember last July when Iceland's Stjarnan F.C. caught the entire Internet's attention for a hot second with this ridiculous fishing-themed goal celebration? It