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If You’re A Stupid Idiot Who Wants To Wreck Their Car While Driving On Ice Then Do EXACTLY What These People Do


The one time I wrecked my car it was because I was dumb enough to drive in the snow and skid into a rock at the edge of my driveway.


Reckless drivers on icy road cause world’s dumbest 25 car pileup ever caught on video


Driving on icy roads during conditions like we've had across the US the last week can be treacherous.

smart ice

New ice cubes identify when you’re too drunk


Drinking technology is rapidly improving, and it might just save you a trip to the hospital.


According to this Hilarious Video, It Takes 12 People to Rescue Someone Who Falls Through Ice


Alternate headline: This Is What It Will Look Like When You Unsuccessfully Try to Get Out of Bed Tomorrow.


Look At This Hockey-Playing Robot Humanoid


Students at the University of Manitoba are making remarkable strides in the crucial field of hockey-playing robotic humanoids.


Hockey Fight of the Day: Mazza Takes Off the Gloves Before Things Get Ugly


    This is the problem with having young kids watch pansy ass-stars like Sidney Crosby.

top 20

20 People Who Definitely Need to Be ‘Iced’


As much as we love Bros Icing Bros and being partially credited for exposing the game to a larger, mainstream audience, the law of diminishing marginal utility essentially dictates that the glossy veneer and "gee-whiz" fascination over this new drinking-game phenomenon will not be around forever.

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