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Stockton Thunder Let Kids Paint Their Ice and It Shows

Sweet rink, Bros.

A Canadian Company Sculpted a Pick-Up Truck From 11,000-Pounds of Ice, It Actually Drives

Blah blah blah this truck is awesome. Blah blah blah Canadians, AMIRIGHT? Blah blah blah they built it for reasons. Blah blah blah there are videos

According to this Hilarious Video, It Takes 12 People to Rescue Someone Who Falls Through Ice

Alternate headline: This Is What It Will Look Like When You Unsuccessfully Try to Get Out of Bed Tomorrow.

Look At This Hockey-Playing Robot Humanoid

Students at the University of Manitoba are making remarkable strides in the crucial field of hockey-playing robotic humanoids. Meet Jennifer, who can shoot

Hockey Fight of the Day: Mazza Takes Off the Gloves Before Things Get Ugly

    This is the problem with having young kids watch pansy ass-stars like Sidney Crosby. They think they can come in and cheap shot someone away