The New ‘Straight Outta Compton’ Trailer Is As Dope As The Song It’s Named After


There are only a handful of movies I have earmarked as "must-see" this year.

straight outta compton

The ‘Straight Outta Compton’ Red Band Trailer Is As Badass As The Group It Chronicles


First off, if there's ever been a song that causes you to get more hyped than "Straight Outta Compton" I really want to hear it, because in my opinion it is one of the most kickass songs ever recorded.

late night

Ice Cube Saying Nice Things Angrily Will Never Not Be Funny


The last time Ice Cube visited Jimmy Kimmel they came up with a skit in which Ice Cube would use his trademark "angry" voice to say nice things to see how they sounded.

Jimmy Kimmel

Watch Ice Cube say really nice things with his inimitable angry demeanor


Ice Cube hit Jimmy Kimmel Live last night to promote 22 Jump Street, but of course Jimmy had other ideas.

Vin Diesel

Ice Cube bent out of shape over losing a meaningless award to a dead Paul Walker


Want more proof that much of Hollywood is a bit out of touch with reality.

late night tv

Conan Shares a Lyft Car with Ice Cube and Kevin Hart in Hilarious Video


Lyft—a ride-sharing app that turns ordinary cars into taxis—recently allowed an L.

Ice Cube

The Story Behind Ice Cube’s ‘It Was a Good Day’


After 20 years on the air, you can probably tick off what makes up a good day: No smog.

la lakers

Ice Cube Goes Off On Profanity-Laced Rant On Dwight Howard Leaving the Lakers


Children's movie star and former GANGSTA RAPPA, Ice Cube is not happy that Dwight Howard left the Lakers for Houston.

Tiny Zeus Lister Jr.

Craig and Deebo are fighting Coors Light together


Last time we saw Craig and Deebo together they were fighting each other on the front lawn late one Friday night.

Ice Cube sees Coors Light rocket

Coors Light is making Ice Cube look like an idiot


We've seen Ice Cube in Coors Light commercials for awhile.

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