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Los Angeles Kings’ Tyler Toffoli Ate A LOT of Ice Cream Out of the Stanley Cup

Ice stuff.

‘The Ice Cream Van’ Is the Perfect Internet Video

This is it. This is the finest we will ever see.

VIDEO: These Dogs Fucking Love McDonald’s Ice Cream

These dogs. They love ice cream.

Pennsylvanians Are Losing Their Shit Over Yuengling Ice Cream

As a born-and-raised Pennsylvanian, I'm pretty sure I can live a very long time on a diet of pretzels, ice cream, and beer. Specifically, a bag of Snyder's

Ben & Jerry’s Made a New Flavor of Ice Cream for ‘Anchorman 2’

Butterscotch ice cream with butterscotch swirls equals the new Anchorman 2, Ben & Jerry's ice cream flavor. For me, it also equals something I'll never fucking

Lane Kiffin Delivered Ice Cream to the USC Marching Band

One of the things that still haunts me about my college experience was how much more practice time the marching band put in than the

Ice Cream Truck At Baltimore Ravens Training Camp Causes Players to Freak Out

Remember the singular joy of the ice cream truck? The Baltimore Ravens sure do.

This Toastie Knife Is Rather Phenomenal

Behold the world's first heated knife, the must-have product that will alter family dinners in tremendous fashion. Take note of all the potential uses: 

Putting Fortune Cookies in that Jeremy Lin Ice Cream Was a Bad Idea

Ben & Jerry’s has apologized for the inclusion of fortune cookies in the company’s Jeremy Lin-inspired flavor. Taste the Lin-sanity, a limited-edition flavor available at

Schweddy Balls Ice Cream is Being Pulled Off Shelves

Son of a b*tch. Thanks to the humorless hoes behind One Million Moms, it looks like I missed my chance at mouth full of Schweddy

St. Louis Brawl Broken Up By Ice Cream Truck

Another day, another fight in the mean streets of St. Louis. "But what makes this so special?" you ask. Besides that fact that no one