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Stoners Rejoice! Ben & Jerry’s Is Offering Ice Cream Burritos On 4/20!


On Wednesday, we discovered that Ben & Jerry's was making Salted Caramel Brownie Brown Ale.


Ben & Jerry Talked About Releasing A ‘Weed-Infused Ice Cream’ And Here’s What We Know So Far


The 'Ice Cream Kings of Vermont' recently went on camera and spoke about the potential for a weed-infused ice cream in the future, and we like what Ben and Jerry had to say.


This Couple Claims That Weed Ice Cream Made Them Hallucinate And Run Around Outside Naked


Shutterstock It’s not every day that we get to read stories about how marijuana is bad for you, because for the most part people tend to agree that it really isn’t.

Ice cream

Minnesota Coach Eats Ice Cream In The Snow Like A Boss


it's 20 degrees and snowing in Minnesota right now but that's not stopping this Minnesota Coach from enjoying his ice cream on the sidelines.


Walmart’s secret weapon against global warming: ice-cream sandwiches that don’t melt


A country radio station out in South Dakota got wind of an experiment from which someone claimed that ice-cream sandwiches bought at Walmart do not melt, so they put it to the test.


Unnamed celebrity requests champagne and Viagra infused ice cream and now it exists


  Can you taste that little extra something in your ice cream.

weirdest ice cream flavors

The 4 most outrageous ice cream flavors


Today's chefs pride themselves on pushing boundaries and testing eaters palates with exciting new concoctions.

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