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If This Horror Story Doesn’t Motivate You To Change Your Contacts Every Night, Nothing Will

I just went and changed my contacts and I don't even wear contacts.

The 5 Most Ridiculous Products Made for Crotch Maintenance

Genitals are perhaps the only thing in the world that everyone loves and most people don't mind sharing with others. That's why they also tend

New Toothbrush Shaves Two Minutes, 54 Seconds Off Brushing Time

What's the most arduous part of your day? Sure, you could respond with class or work or meetings, but for me it's the three goddamn minutes

Our Terrible Grooming Habits Are Killing Razor Sales

Terrible news today out of the competitive world of Men's Grooming: In 2013, more men's toiletry products will be sold than razors and shaving cream.