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Jersey Shore Boardwalk Decimated by ‘Unthinkable’ Fire

Yesterday afternoon, the Jersey Shore was hit by a massive, 10-alarm fire that destroyed dozens of businesses along a seven-block stretch of Seaside Park and

Chris Christie Just Bitch Slapped Congress for Not Acting on Hurricane Sandy Relief

This video below took place late last night in the House of Representatives. It's Steve Womack, the House's presiding officer, ignoring calls to hold a

Paul McCartney is Playing Kurt Cobain in the Nirvana Reunion

Paul McCartney is left-handed. Kurt Cobain was left-handed. This is totally going to be a seamless transition.

Bored in the Library? Stream the 12/12/12 Sandy Relief Mega-Concert RIGHT HERE

As a massive effort to raise money for Hurricane Sandy relief, a plethora of music's finest names--Paul McCartney, The Rolling Stones, Bon Jovi, Billy Joel,

Back to the Right Kind of Blackout: Jumpstart Your Weekend with Our ‘White Girl Wasted’ Power Hour

Weekend Is Coming. 

8 T-Shirts You Can Buy Right Now to Benefit Hurricane Sandy Relief Efforts

Hurricane Sandy caused a mess in the Northeast that's not going away anytime soon. Look at the heartbreaking photos of the devastation in The Rockaways,

Obama Pledges All Sorts of Support for Ohio After Hurricane Sandy in SNL Dress Rehearsal Sketch

It's pretty easy to see why this didn't make the cut for this past week's Saturday Night Live. Still, I can't wait until the votes

Here’s the E-mail Louis C.K. Sent His Fans About New York City Before Hosting SNL Last Night

We'll have a full recap of Louis C.K.'s hosting sint on "Saturday Night Live" here in a few moments, but just wanted to draw your

How Two NYU Bros Braved Hurricane Sandy

As Hurricane Sandy prepared to wreak her ungodly shitpunching havoc upon a defenseless New York City, NYU students were likewise preparing by purchasing gallons of

Terrifying Note Left Behind By a New Jersey Man In Hurricane Sandy Will Make You Think About Life

This has been a very weird, surreal week for many of us in the Northeast. Like hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers, I still don't

Model Does Photo Shoot Amid Hurricane Sandy Wreckage, People Shockingly Not Cool with It

Nana Gouvea just wanted to take a few photos in her home city of New York City. Unfortunately, it wasn't looking so great outside, what

It Would Be Pretty Sweet If a Girl Pulled This Move at a Bar Tonight, Plus 13 More Facebook Follies

Honestly, I wouldn't mind a text message like this at all. Well done. 

The 9 Biggest Heroes and Zeroes of Hurricane Sandy

I live in NYC. I think I lost power around 8:30 pm on Monday night but who knows, the loss of my iPhone has made

Biking Through Hurricane Sandy in New York City: An Incredible Video

When Hurricane Sandy hit New York City on Monday night, filmmaker Casey Neistat threw on his rain gear and went for a bike ride. The

Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert Finally React to Hurricane Sandy

Last night, "The Daily Show" and the "Colbert Report" came back after their hurricane hiatus. We put the best of their reactions to Hurricane Sandy

Crazy Timelapse Video Shows Sandy Slamming Into New York City

That bitch named Sandy hit on us on Monday night and it's still f*cking up our day here in New York City. The whole city

Dude FREAKS OUT While Watching Trees Fall in His Yard During Hurricane Sandy

So much freaking out going on here. Then again, two trees just fell in a matter of seconds on the dude's front lawn. Can't blame

That Awkward Moment David Stern Refers to Hurricane Sandy as Hurricane Katrina

You know right before he went out there he battled and pleaded with himself to not call Hurricane Sandy, Hurricane Katrina. But then he walked

Watch An Idiot (or Troll) Brown Student Tell Reporter, ‘I’m Pretty Skeptical There’s a Hurricane’

Today's entry in "Idiot or Troll?" comes to us from Providence, Rhode Island, NBC 10, and a truly hilarious interview between a local reporter and

Pakistan Militant With Enormous U.S. Bounty on His Head Pledges Hurricane Sandy Donation

Oh, what a thoughtful gesture.

Coco Austin and Her Breasts Would Like to Show You Hurricane Sandy Storm Porn Live from New Jersey

Possibly the greatest weather broadcast from Hurricane Sandy came from a condo balcony in Edgewater, New Jersey. That's where Coco Austin provided a very nessecary

Miguel Bloombito’s Most Fantastico #Sandy Dispatches, Advisories, and Tips

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg's Hurricane Sandy press conferences have provided high entertainment value not only for his awesome sign language interpreter Lydia Callis,

Philadelphia Man Emerges From Building’s Rubble, Is Promptly Arrested for Looting

This is a pretty good indication you flat-out suck at life, isn’t it?

In a Refreshing Sign of Normalcy, Man Yells ‘Baba Booey, Howard Stern’s Penis!’ on Live TV

One of the most enduring traditions from the Howard Stern Show is the tendancy for people to someone get on the news, whether in the

A Guide to Lydia Callis, Mayor Bloomberg’s Sign Language Interpreter and NYC’s Most Popular Person

I'm watching Mayor Bloomberg give another press conference right now, and while I obviously have a vested interest in what he's saying—I live in Manhattan

Chris Christie Tells Fox and Friends How Much He Gives a Damn About Presidential Politics Right Now

This is what happens when you try to troll a Govenor of a state that's in a federal disaster zone with over 2.5 million people

David Letterman and Jimmy Fallon Filmed Their Shows Without an Audience Last Night

In dueling bizarre situations, David Letterman and Jimmy Fallon filmed their respective talk shows yesterday with nary a soul in the audience due to Hurricane

A Running Liveblog of Hurricane Sandy Hitting New York City and the East Coast

Our home city, New York City, is underwater in a massive deluge from Hurricane Sandy. It was an eventful night. Amazingly, some of us still

This Is a Pretty Amazing ‘Empty New York City Time Lapse,’ Published Just As NYC Is Actually Empty

Nice timing with New York city actually turning into a ghost town and all, but this would be pretty cool regardless. 

If You Aspire to Degenerate Looting, ‘How to Steal from an ATM in 60 Seconds’ Is for You

What will happen once Sandy tears through the northeast? Hopefully a swift recovery, but there's no doubting a few characters will try and capitalize on

Bro with Giant Balls Goes Jet Skiing Through New York Harbor During Hurricane Sandy

Probably the highlight of my day was chugging Rolling Rock cans and watching this guy rip through the New York Harbor. This bro bro just

Bro Goes Jet Skiing Through Hurricane Sandy in Manasquan, New Jersey

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. When life gives you a giant Hurricane battering the Northeastern Seaboard, get on your jetski and rip sh*t through

For Some Reason James Madison University Students ‘Rioted’ Because Classes Were Cancelled

What's the logical college response to a school canceling class due to Hurricane Sandy? Throwing a Hurricane Party, of course. But "rioting" like the Duke

10 Predictable and Hilarious Ways College Kids React to Natural Disasters

In light of the East Coast slammage, we've got a special hurricane edition of collegiate excellence. Presenting the places, people, and wondrous events magically appear

Everyone In New York City Is Freaking Out About This Crane Falling Off a 90-Story Luxury Building

If you're a resident of Manhattan, this is NOT a sight you want to see. High atop One57, a luxury condo building under construction at

Watch a Deer Get Swept Out to Sea Before Being Rescued During Hurricane Sandy

After getting hit by a rogue wave on Monmouth Beach, New Jersey, this poor deer got swept out to sea in the turbulent currents caused by

10 Shows to Binge Watch During Hurricane Sandy

Odds are, if you live on the East Coast, you might find yourself with some time on your hands over the next couple of days.

Everything in D.C. is Shut Down—Except for the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

While rain whips around them and the wind starts to pick up in Washington, D.C., the sentinels of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier haven't

15 Pictures of a Totally Empty New York Subway System

Hurricane Sandy has already affected New York City in unprecedented ways—supermarkets have run out of essentials, thousands of people have been told to evacuate certain

New Jersey’s Weather Service Issued a Storm Warning That May Have Been Written by Tony Soprano

This is kind of amazing. The National Weather Service in New Jersey just issued a warning today that may as well have ended with, "And