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WOAH: North Carolina Hunter Bags 500-Pound Wild Hog

Look at that hog! That's a real hog!

Check Out the Monster Buck Johnny Manziel Shot During His Bye-Week

After a week off, tomorrow the Aggies play fellow SEC-newcomers Missouri in Columbia. So how did Johnny Manziel spend his weekend off? Just as any good ole

Here’s a Hunter Catching a Bird with His BARE HANDS

This is like the human revenge for that bald eagle stealing the fish yesterday. (Also, this was apparently filmed on a hunting trip

WVU Mountaineer Mascot Cited For Not Wearing Orange While Hunting

There are rules in West Virginia? Who knew?

WVU Mountaineer Mascot Shoots a Bear with Musket, Celebrates With a ‘Go Mountaineers’ Chant

Well, this is probably about the most cliche West Virginia thing ever. While hunting in Pendleton County, West Virginia, WVU Mountaineer mascot Jonathan Kimble shot

Iowa Wrestlers Suspended For, You Know, Hunting Rabbits on Campus

That is just an incredibly stupid reason to get bounced from a team. Highly doubt it was worth it.

Just Ted Nugent Shooting a Bunch of Hogs With An Assault Rifle From a Helicopter

To hear him tell it, the Motor City Madman is just doing his civic duty.

Sports Links For May 29th: The Watching Games From Baggage Claim Edition

Presenting The Best From Our Friends This Memorial Day Weekend:

Vancouver Canucks’ David Booth Eases Pain of Playoff Exit by Killing a Bear

I guess the carcass of a black bear is a fine consolation prize for not hoisting the Stanley Cup. The Vancouver Canucks winger

Donald Trump Jr. and His Brother Went Hunting and Shot a Bunch of Big Game On an African Safari

The Donald's two sons, Donald Jr. (of "Celebrity Apprentice" fame) and Eric, recently went on a hunting safari in Zimbabwe, where they shot a

Dogs-Eye Perspective Of A Gun Dog Goose-Hunting

Back in March we showed you a really cool GoPro video of a dog duck hunting. In the same vein, here's

Hunting for Invasive Silver Carp On the Illinois River with Armor, Water Skis, and a Samurai Sword

A few months back I saw the episode of Zeb Hogan's "Monster Fish" about the invasive silver carp

VIDEO: Watch Duck Hunting from the Dog’s Perspective

Duck Hunting Dog's Perspective

Want to see what it looks like from a dog's perspective to go duck hunting? A hunter strapped a

VIDEO: Bear Grylls Makes a Wetsuit Out of a Seal

I have this theory that Bear Grylls would be the most annoying person in the world to go

The 7 Acceptable Occasions for a Sausage Fest

unacceptable sausage fest

Author's Note: Just wanted to make it clear that in many instances below the opportunity to