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Bad Ass Little Child Defeats Alligator in Fight

The nine-year-old fought off a nine-foot gator

This Guy’s Nike Swoosh Beard is Blowing My Mind

Humans do things.

Google’s Top 10 ‘How To’ Searches of 2013 Show Humans Have Given Up On Interpersonal Communication

Each year, Google releases the Top Ten "How To" searches of the year, results from when human people turn to the search engine to find

Idiotic Woman Refuses to Turn off Phone, Is Taken Off Plane With Force

We’ve all been on a plane where someone was a dick about shutting off their phone. This woman, however, is worse than all of the

New Yorkers Can’t Identify What Is and What Isn’t a Human Being

This changes everything. Instead of working, you can just leave a mannequin in the street with a tip jar at its feet and swing by