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Hugh Jackman Deadlifts 400-Pounds With More Ease Than Most of Us Pass Gas

In which¬†Hugh Jackman deadlifts 400-pounds to remind us that he does, in fact, lift, Bro. And he lifts an impressive […]

Hugh Jackman Wants to Fight John Cena


Hugh Jackman Performed ‘Who Am I’ from ‘Les Miserables’ as Wolverine

Haven't seen Les Miserables in any form but I'd have to believe that this performance as Wolverine is a vast improvement on it.

Hugh Jackman Posts Photo Of His ‘Mullet’ and It’s As Disappointing As ‘The Wolverine’

Song and dance marvel Hugh Jackman is in South Africa shooting a new Neill Blomkamp film. Blomkamp the guy who did District 9 and Elysium. 

Ripped Hugh Jackman Says, ‘If the Bar Ain’t Bendin’, Then You’re Just Pretendin’

When preparing for The Wolverine, Hugh Jackman went on a diet and workout plan created by human trapezius muscle Dwayne Johnson. Jackman got ripped. He

The Artist Formerly Known as Wolverine Broke A WWE Wrestler’s Jaw

Yep. A beefed-up Hugh Jackman punched Dolph Ziggler in the face so hard on Monday Night Raw that broke his f*ckin' jaw. Classic Wolverine