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A Condom that Kills HIV and Herpes Could Be Available Within Months. MONTHS!

A condom that kills HIV and Herpes? A condoms that kills HIV and Herpes!

You Now Have an Excuse Not to Kiss Her After She Goes Down on You (You Could Get Your Own HPV)

The next time a girl tries to kiss you after she gives you a blowjob, STOP HER. 

Pussy Is Not FDA Approved: HPV Virus Linked to a Third of Throat Cancers, Study Says

That's it. I'm hanging up my tongue, calling it a career. Been a good run, but nothing is worth throat cancer. 

Michael Douglas Says Performing Oral Sex, Possibly on Catherine Zeta-Jones, Caused His Throat Cancer

 In an interview published today in The Guardian, Bro legend actor Michael Douglas, star of Wall Street and Basic Instinct, speaks out about his battle with

The Scariest Headline You’ll Read Today: ‘16 Million Americans Have HPV in Their Mouth, Mostly Men’

My esteemed collegue J. Camm is gunning for the first ever blogging Pultizer for his coverage on Male HPV (see: here and here). So, to

It’s Feeding Time: Center of Disease Control Backs HPV Vaccine For Young Men

Get ready, fellas, your days of eating muff consumed by fear are almost over! The big HPV vaccine is almost here and I've got to