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Listen to Dan Bilzerian’s Entire Interview With Howard Stern

Earlier today, contributing editor Brandon Cohen outlined a lot of the highlights from Dan Bilzerian's interview this morning with Howard Stern.

Prank Caller Destroys MSNBC Reporter Covering Malaysia Airlines Tragedy

"It would appear that the plane was shot down from a blast of wind from Howard Stern's ass."

Seth Rogen Told Howard Stern a Hilarious Story About How Much of a Douchebag Justin Bieber Is

Bro King Seth Rogen does not care what twatty tween star Justin Bieber thinks about him. Seth Rogen continues to be FREAKIN' awesome.

Howard Stern Has an Awesome Rant About Jeff Van Gundy, Calls Him a ‘Real Douche Bag’

Not sure how we missed this yesterday, but better late than never.

Howard Stern Bashes Jay Leno on Season Finale of ‘Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee’

“The King of All Media” Howard Stern recently celebrated his 60th birthday with a huge bash in New York City. […]

Jonah Hill Was On The Howard Stern Show If You’re Itching to Kill an Hour of Your Day

If you're living in the North East it's one of those days where you have to go to work but you probably don't actually have to do work.

Grandpa Who Won Howard Stern’s ‘I Want To Get My Grandpa Laid’ Dies Right Before Sex with Hookers

Terribly sad story. 86-year-old Johnny Orris -- the winner of Howard Stern's "I Want to Get My Grandpa Laid" contest -- died in a Lake Tahoe just

7 Best Podcasts or Radio Shows Right Now

I don’t listen to music when I’m in the car or walking around the city. Mainstream radio isn’t engrossing enough to drown out my innermost

Howard Stern’s Interview With Sydney Leathers (Anthony Weiner’s Sexting Partner) is Hilarious

Sydney Leathers, who was born with a porn star name and spent time as Anthony Weiner's sext buddy, is now trying to flip her situation

Jonah Hill Says Marc Maron Is ‘Sorta’ The Next Howard Stern. Is He Right?

Marc Maron's WTF Podcast--the vehicle that completely revitalized the comedian's career and arguably helped him spawn a book and an IFC show--has become one of

Howard Stern Claims He Drove a Golf Ball 300 Yards. We Don’t Believe That

Howard Stern doesn’t ooze athleticism, so it should be no surprise that he isn’t the world’s greatest golfer. This video of him gripping and ripping

Jerry Seinfeld Talked to Howard Stern and You Must Listen

Two of our favorite people – Howard Stern and Jerry Seinfeld – teamed up for some magical radio earlier today. It was a reminder that

Tiki Barber Doesn’t Know What the Word ‘Literally’ Means, Invites You to Poop On Him

Well, he actually said "shit" but we're not allowed to curse in the headlines.

Guy on ‘America’s Got Talent’ Has No Regard For His Own Nut Sack

His only talent is having his nut bag mutilated over and over and over again. Yep, that's his ENTIRE shtick. And it amazes the sh*t

The Howard Stern Interview with David Choe Is Awesome, Weird

Hey remember the street artist David Choe who's now worth as much as $500 million thanks to some lowly Facebook stock? Turns out this guys

Howard Stern is New Judge on ‘America’s Got Talent’ & Taiwanese Animation Thinks He Farts Green Dust

Life would be infinitely better if farts had colored smoke. Actually, life would be altogether better if it mimicked these taiwanese animation videos.

Guy with Elephant Balls Shows Them to Howard Stern

We don't cover much in the way of Howard Stern around here, but an old co-worker of mine -- we'll call him Adam

PHOTOS: Bree Olson Crowned World’s Biggest Wh*re by Howard Stern’s Listeners

Today is turning out to be a sensational one for adult entertainment stars. First we find out that Capri Anderson was the person being