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This Is How You Grill Meat Like A Fucking Boss So Your July Fourth Doesn’t Suck

I don't even LIKE steak and this is making me hungry.

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Standing in my bathroom, I was starring back at true unhinged incompetence in the mirror.

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What to—and more specifically— what not to say when sexting.

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Aside from being the Internet's finest tool to stalk other people, Facebook allows us to keep up with shit we "like." From websites, to bands,

4 Ways To Ensure Your Sexting Game Is On Point

When done correctly, sexting can be really hot. You’d be surprised how effective your words can be at making a girl desperately want to get

Ever Wonder How to Sell $100,000 Worth of Drugs in a Week? If So, Watch This

I'm going to start selling drugs, I think. Seems almost philanthropic. I always like hearing about people that spend their lives trying to help people