How To Make A Rocket That Flies 2,000ft In The Air Using Kitty Litter, Powdered Sugar, and Costing Only $0.50


You should never have to justify 'why' you might want to build a rocket, because building rockets is inherently awesome and anybody who questions that is a jackass.

arm wrestling

How To Win At Arm Wrestling, Every Single Time


Knowing how to win at arm wrestling isn't as hard as you think it is.

how to

Bro Explains Ingenious Why To ‘Break Into’ A House After Getting Locked Out


Getting locked out of a house is one of life's little "go fuck yourself" moments.

properly folded shirt

A bachelor’s guide to folding his shirt


As a bachelor one of the most important aspects of your life is how you project yourself.

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5 ways to make a t-shirt last longer


  Every guy has a favorite t-shirt.

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How to Survive a Mandatory Dinner Party


Standing in my bathroom, I was starring back at true unhinged incompetence in the mirror.


What Women Want You to Say When You Sext


What to—and more specifically— what not to say when sexting.

The Library

How to be a guy and be GREAT at it


Over the last four years of my life, I ran Guyism.

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