how to pick up girls at the gym

9 keys to hitting on girls in the gym


On paper it’s a total mismatch: a man, filthy and frail beyond his years, trying to chat up ladies in a sanctuary of physical fitness.

how to score with women

How to use an Australian accent to pick up women


Looking for a new approach when it comes to picking up women.


Guy’s joke video on picking up girls ends in cringiest way possible


Lance210 thought he had a good idea for a Vine showing how to pick up girls.


Guy tries Taylor Swift lyrics as pick-up lines


Do Taylor Swift lyrics work as credible pickup lines.

pick up girls

‘Damn, Girl, You Sh*t with that Ass?’ And Other Unsuccessful Pickup Lines


We really didn't know who this enterprising fellow is, but he puts on an impressive display here of unsuccessful pickup lines, only to unsurprisingly get rejected over and over again.

pick up tips

Two successful ways to pick up girls on the beach


There’s a lot out there about picking up girls on the beach, but what if the tips actually came from one of those ladies themselves.

ways not to pick up a girl

7 ways not to pick up a girl at a bar

By | 15 Comments

Let’s talk about the conquest: Whether you’re looking for a one night stand or something more, impressing the hell out of a girl at a bar — as in, enough to get her to come home with you — takes some tact.

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