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Ted Mosby is Pretty Thrilled About LeBron James’ Return to Cleveland

Classic Schmosby.

The German Version of “How I Met Your Mother” Sounds Much Better


What Barney Stinson Got Right (And Wrong) In ‘The Bro Code’

He shall forever request "the highest of fives." But is he right?

This Is How ‘How I Met Your Mother’ Should Have Ended

Omg... With a little simple editing, here's a How I Met Your Mother a nice, neatly-packaged ending that leaves its audience happy.

Ted Mosby’s Daughter in ‘How I Met Your Mother’ Is 27-Years-Old Now and a Total Fucking Babe

In the event that you didn't already know this (I honestly did not), Ted Mosby's daughter's real name is Lyndsy Fonseca and nine years ago

How Ted Met the Mother In ‘How I Met Your Mother’ (Sorta!)

After a 9-season run that was nothing short of legendary, How I Met Your Mother came to a conclusion this evening. So, how did Ted

‘How I Met Your Mother’ to Do Entire Episode in Rhyme

How will the bro code translate into verse? We're about to find out—a "rhyme" episode of How I Met Your Mother will air later this

The Kids from ‘How I Met Your Mother’ Tell Their Dad to Get to the Goddamn Point

Nine years ago, I took a chance on a program called “How I Met Your Mother.” Now, admittedly, it wasn’t the greatest show on television,

The Mother From ‘How I Met Your Mother’ Was Revealed Last Night

For years they've teased us with maybes and girlfriends who have gone nowhere in Ted Mosby's life, but last night they finally revealed his future