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Crazy Fire Rescue in Houston of Man Trapped on Balcony Will Make Your Feet Sweat

I'll be honest with you: if I'm standing on a rail-less balcony of an ablaze building I'm not taking it all in stride like this

South Florida Running Back Victim of Incredible Flip Tackle

South Florida running back Marcus Shaw has seen all those highlight reel plays of ball carriers flipping over defenders for touchdowns. He tried to get

Fan Jumped on Stage at Kid Cudi Concert, Kid Cudi Shoved Him Right Off the Stage

I can't say if how Kid Cudi reacts in this video is the best way to react to a fan jumping on stage during your concert,

Slim Thug Offers Dwight Howard Outstanding Advice as to Why He Should Go to Houston

The DHoward sweepstakes is upon us, and Houston rapper Slim Thug wants Howard to make the proper decision. He offers advice in a way only

Peaches the Prostitue Tells Interviewer What Life is Like For a Hooker in Houston

Peaches, fresh off giving some John a $20 stroke job, took a few minutes to talk to an interviewer about her life as prostitute and