Ryan Fitzpatrick’s Pre-Game Speech Before Playing The Bills Will Get You FIRED UP


Texans quarterback and hirsute individual Ryan Fitzpatrick was fired up before this week's game against the Bills.


JJ Watt Catches First Career Touchdown Reception


Houston Texans defensive end JJ Watt is earning that 100 million dollar contract.


J.J. Watt Is Decent At Hockey But Let’s All Act Like This is Shocking News


You’re never going to believe this but a professional athlete is good at sport different than the sport he’s paid millions of dollars to play.

Matt Schaub

The Houston Texans season in one hilarious GIF


Matt Schaub tried to throw a pass, then he tried to pump fake, then he faked about faking.

Houston Texans cheerleaders

Andre Johnson is Santa Claus, takes kids on a Toys R’ Us shopping spree


Texans WR Andre Johnson continues to be an excellent representative for the Houston Texans franchise.

nfl picks

Even the Survivor and Thursday Night NFL Can’t Make Tonight’s Game Watchable


The NFL‎ Network has taken heat for the poor quality of play in Thursday Night games.

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