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Houston Texans Cheerleaders Did the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge…And Then They Had a Hot, Wet Dance Party

That's a lot of hard...cash for ALS. Good job, girls.

Arian Foster Gave the Same Answer 11 Times in a 90-Second Span

He's trying to be a good teammate.

J.J. Watt Is Decent At Hockey But Let’s All Act Like This is Shocking News

You’re never going to believe this but a professional athlete is good at sport different than the sport he’s paid […]

Today in Crushing Return Blocks: The Broncos’ Steve Vallos Getting Absolutely Wrecked

There's almost no point in debating the legality of hits anymore. Obviously every NFL player is aware of the rules and no one (Brandon Merriweather,

Even the Survivor and Thursday Night NFL Can’t Make Tonight’s Game Watchable

The NFL‎ Network has taken heat for the poor quality of play in Thursday Night games. Look for that trend to continue this week when two teams

Reliant Stadium Security Guards Claim They Were Fired for Taking Pictures With Tom Brady

Two security guards claim they were fired for taking photos with New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady after Sunday’s game against the Texans in Houston. 

Excitement for Jacksonville Jaguars-Houston Texans Game Hits Fever Pitch With Craigslist Ad

Thursday night’s Jacksonville Jaguars-Houston Texans game is poised to be a big bowl of sadness for all involved. One “lucky” ticket holder is looking to

Danny WoodWHO? Pats Get Maximum White Guy Effort TD From Different White Guy

Look at this effort. That's a hard-working feller right there. I bet James Develin enjoys himself a cold one after the game. Like a real man. 

Case Keenum Just Went Matt Saracen on This Touchdown Pass

Hey, I got one question for you. When you threw that pass, were your eyes open?

Vanilla Ice Rocked the Mic Like a Vandal During Halftime of the Houston Texans Game

Shockingly, high-quality footage of this blessed event is difficult to find. You’d think that we’d want to preserve this seminal moment for future generations. Perhaps

Houston Texans Fan Follows Through on Vow to Drink Own Urine After Comeback Win

With his beloved Houston Texans down 21 points in Monday night’s season opener against San Diego, this diehard fan promised the “Football Gods” he’d drink

Brian Cushing Snagged a Sick Interception, Continued to Bro Out

The Houston Texans overcame a 21-point deficit to defeat the San Diego Chargers last ni—early this morning. Brian Cushing, who is neck-and-neck with Rob Gronkowski

Houston Texans’ Antonio Smith Swung a Helmet at Richie Incognito’s Face

Houston Texas defensive lineman Antonio Smith will likely be in some hot water after losing his cool Saturday during his team’s preseason game against the

J.J. Watt Proposed to a 6-Year-Old Girl

J.J. Watt is an enormous man with an enormous heart.

Chuck Pagano Dances and Delivers Emotional Post Game Speech in First Game Back as Colts’ Head Coach

After the Colts defeated a shaky Texans team on Sunday, head coach Chuck Pagano danced, did a do-se-do with Jim Irsay, and then delivered a

Are NFL Punters ‘Actual Football Players?’ Houston’s Punter Donnie Jones Doesn’t Think So

Well, I'll gladly take his "acutal NFL salary" if that's up for grabs. 

Steve Young Reports the Houston Texans Have the Biggest Dick in the League

No wonder they were dragging last night in Foxboro. Intrepid reporting and great insight. We expect nothing less from the Worldwide Leader.

Monday Night Football Drinking Game: Houston Texans vs. New England Patriots

If you can’t get excited for tonight’s game, then we just feel sorry for you. Two AFC powerhouses will meet in Foxboro to decide playoff

Andre Johnson Bought $19,000 Worth of Toys for Kids in Child Protective Services Today

Today, Andre Johnson funded a shopping spree at Toys R' Us for 12 at-risk children who have all suffered parental abuse, allowing each kid 80

How Cheap Was the Hit that Will Likely End Brian Cushing’s Season?

Bros everywhere are pouring out a little for Houston Texans linebacker Brian Cushing, who appears to have torn his ACL during last night’s game against

Here’s Our Official Monday Night Drinking Game: Houston Texans vs. New York Jets

The seemingly unstoppable Houston Texans bring their 10-gallon hats to New Jersey tonight to take on the soap opera that is the New York Jets.

Watch Matt Schaub Get Absolutely Decked by Joe Mays

Just a brutal play in the third quarter of the Broncos-Texans game today—Matt Schaub gets decked by linebacker Joe Mays, his helmet flies off, and

A Highlight Reel of Houston Texan Brian Cushing Being the Biggest Bro in the NFL

The Houston Texans' Brian Cushing is one of the NFL's best inside linebackers—he's a former Defensive Rookie of the Year and recent Pro Bowler who's

Dumb Houston Texans Fan Gets Tattoo Commemorating Non-Existent Super Bowl XLVI Championship

This tattoo belongs to Chris Brown of Midland, Texas. He's a die-hard Texan fan. During a trip to Houston this past Sunday, Brown watched his