houston astros

Houston Astros Introduce Chicken And Waffle Cone, Because Arteries Are Overrated


The Houston Astros have recently unveiled the only gimmick that may keep fans in their seats to watch a team that hasn't made the playoffs in 10 years: The Chicken and Waffle Cone.


Jose Altuve Connects On A Jump Swing, Changes Baseball Forever


Jose Altuve is a 65-inch-tall hitting machine.


Houston Astros’ Max Stassi Got Beaned in the Face, Bled


It’s been a rough few days for Houston Astros rookie Max Stassi.

Texas Rangers

Houston Astros Catcher Falls for Worst Hidden Ball Trick Ever


The Houston Astros are allegedly a major league team.

worst dad ever

Dad drops easy foul ball, is worst dad ever


You know that commercial where the dad is teaching his son how to throw.

snow cones

Astros vendor made poopy snow cones


How do you like your snow cones.


Houston Astros Vendor Fired for Pooping Near Snowcones


Houston Astros fans that paid inflated ballpark prices for snowcones will be delighted to know that they were probably sitting on a disgusting bathroom floor before consumption.

Rick Ankiel

Drew Stubbs’ Home Run Ignites Popcorn Confetti Celebration


Cleveland’s Drew Stubbs hit an opposite-field home run yesterday against the Houston Astros.

yu darvish

Yu Darvish Came THIS Close to a Perfect Game


Yu Darvish was completely unhittable last night, setting down 26 straight Houston Astros batters to get within one out of a perfect game.

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