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This Hilarious Houston Astros Butt-Slide GIF Needs a Super Sad Trombone

The 2013 Houston Astros in a nutshell, folks. On a face-first slide, Jonathan Villar flows his face straight into second baseman Brandon Phillip's butt. Like,

Houston Astros’ Max Stassi Got Beaned in the Face, Bled

It’s been a rough few days for Houston Astros rookie Max Stassi. First, he was the victim of a very lazy hidden ball play. That

Houston Astros Catcher Falls for Worst Hidden Ball Trick Ever

The Houston Astros are allegedly a major league team. But not, like, a REAL major league team. And we love them for that.

Houston Astros Vendor Fired for Pooping Near Snowcones

Houston Astros fans that paid inflated ballpark prices for snowcones will be delighted to know that they were probably sitting on a disgusting bathroom floor

Drew Stubbs’ Home Run Ignites Popcorn Confetti Celebration

Cleveland’s Drew Stubbs hit an opposite-field home run yesterday against the Houston Astros. That alone is pretty unremarkable. But the fact Astros right fielder Rick

Yu Darvish Came THIS Close to a Perfect Game

Yu Darvish was completely unhittable last night, setting down 26 straight Houston Astros batters to get within one out of a perfect game.

Marwin Gonzalez Injures Himself in Most Houston Astros Way Possible

Another day, another example of the Houston Astros being the Houston Astros.

Here’s the Best Catch of the MLB Season So Far

We've been so wrapped up in Olympics coverage lately that we almost missed this today. 

The Houston Astros Author One of the Worst Baseball Plays You’ll Ever See

The Houston Astros are far and away the worst team in Major League Baseball. A singular play in last night’s loss to the Washington Nationals

Awesome Kid Snags Astros Fly Ball in Popcorn Bucket

A kid at the Houston Astros game last night lived out a fantasy all of us have harbored since we discovered that you can keep

Chicago Cubs’ Tony Campana Authors Slide of the Year

Tony Campana isn’t very tall or powerful, but, man, can he run. The Chicago Cubs speedster turned in one of the more athletic plays you’ll