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Another Reason to Hate Russia: They’re Anti- ‘House of Cards’

Fucking Ruskies.

The D.C. Metro is Full of “House of Cards” Spoilers

Watch out.

Here’s the Hood Ratchet ‘House of Cards’ Theme Remix You Didn’t Know You Needed, But Now Can’t Live Without

House of Mother Fucking Cards, yo.

The ‘House of Cards’ Intro Remade Into the ‘The Walking Dead’ Intro

I love the intro to House of Cards.

Would You Like Some Sexy Photos of Kate Mara from ‘House of Cards’ in Nothing but Her Underwear?

Did you spend your Valentine’s Day gorging on the new season of ‘House of Cards?’ Does it matter? You don’t […]

Watch a New Trailer for ‘House of Cards,’ Featuring Frank Underwood Antics and a Girl-on-Girl Kiss

House of Cards was easily the best new television show to debut in 2013, even though it was technically not even a television show at all.

Here’s the Spine-Tingling Trailer for Season Two of ‘House of Cards’

Ohhh, Francis is talking to the camera again! He's doing it!

4 Reasons Every Bro Needs to Watch ‘House of Cards’

House of Cards is officially returning with a second season on Feb. 14.

Five Great Television Scenes That Speak Volumes About the Human Condition

The past fifteen years has arguably been the greatest stretch in the history of television. While you've probably heard that statement

This ‘House of Cards’ Spoof with Kevin Spacy Kicked Off the White House Correspondents Dinner

If you're a fan of "House of Cards," you'll probably enjoy this spoof that opened up last night's White House Correspondents Dinner. It featured Kevin Spacey

‘House Of Cards Junkie’ Perfectly Portrays What Happens After Binging on ‘House of Cards’

When "House of Cards" was released on Netflix in February, I serial binged on the entire series first weekend it came out. I was obsessed,

How All Bros Should Refill Their Beer (GIF), Plus Your Best Links of the Day

Too dope. 

‘House of Cardinals’ Is a Phenomenal Papal Conclave and ‘House of Cards’ Mashup

Francis Underwood goes to the Vatican. 

Do We Live in ‘The Land of the Binge?

A dude named Frank Bruni, human thinker and person who types words approved by the New York Times, recently wrote a very interesting article called

We (and ‘House of Cards’) Killed Television—Long Live Netflix

Last weekend, I watched nine episodes of “House of Cards” in a row, getting up only to pee during episodes three, five, and six. I

Netflix’s Dark New Thriller ‘House of Cards’ Looks Like It Might Be a Must-Watch

So this is a pretty cool idea: We've known for a few months now that Netflix is trying to get into the content-generating game. It