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A Bro’s Guide To Deep House Music

Deep house has been around for years, just like many other sub-genres of house music, but is now getting some major attention.

13 Things You Didn’t Know About Avicii, the $250,000-a-night DJ Who’s Never Rolled on Molly

Today GQ has released a long-form profile of every Bro's favorite Bromance-lovin' DJ, Avicii. I highly suggest you go read it over at GQ. In

Has the Afrojack Sound Gotten Old?

You're about to read an article written by one of the biggest and longest running Afrojack fans known to man—and regardless of your opinion at

Is Hip-Hop Finally Dead?

In a few days, I’ll be attending Jay-Z’s concert series celebrating the opening of the Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn. While the prospect of seeing my

Check Out Jesse Marco’s Dope Mix ‘Human Radio Station’

Jesse Marco is a New York DJ you should know-- he's a young guy who has displayed a dazzling array of different mixes during his

Music Talks: An Interview with Avicii

Did you know Avicii prefers Facebook to Twitter? FIFA to Madden? Skiing over snowboarding? And has absolutely no idea what flip cup is? At least

Avicii’s Music Video for ‘Silhouettes’

Yesterday Swedish National Treasure Avicii asked everyone on Facebook to unlock the new music video for "Silhouettes." At last, the dragon has been unleashed. There's

Musicfondue x BroBible Present: The Weekender - Vol. 1

Bros, welcome to The Weekender. Presented by MusicFondue, The Weekender is a weekly mix tape that transcends your typical musical monogamy. Below, you'll find a

Listen to Avicii’s New Track ‘Last Dance’

While all you ravers were down at Ultra, Pete Tong on BBC Radio 1 debuted Avicii's track "Last Dance" this past Friday night. It's just

Here’s The Skrillex Remix of Avicii’s Levels That You’ve Been Waiting For

You saw the debut in England early week. Here's a studio cut of Skrillex's wet and whompy dubstep take on Avicii’s dance anthem of the

Comfortably Dub: 21 Dubstep/House Remixes of Classic Rock Classics

There's a reason why "the classics" are called "the classics": because they can't be re-written. However, in an era of music blogs, frat basement dubstep

Swedish House Mafia Performs ‘Save the World’ at Miami’s ‘Masquerade Motel: One Night Stand’

We keep hearing about how epic Swedish House Mafia's "Masquerade Motel" concert in Miami Beach was this past Saturday night during the Ultra Music Festival.