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We Like Them Fresh in This Week’s Hottie Index

But not too fresh.

Talk is Cheap in This Week’s Hottie Index

All the hotties, all the time.

This Week’s Hottie Index Is Big on the Boobs

Big, big on the boobs.

Wake Up from the Tryptophan for This Week’s Hottie Index

Your week of food, football, and boozing with high school friends is sadly over. You’re now either back at the office, or in school and hating that

This Week’s Hottie Index is Low on Hijinks, but High on Looks

We have a saying here at the Hottie Index. When in doubt about what to cover, focus on the looks.

Britney Spears and Alex Morgan Will Make It Hard to Get Over This Week’s Hottie Index

There’s plenty of intrigue and skin in this week’s Hottie Index, so we’ll save the intro and dive right into the girls. We know that’s

There are Choices Aplenty for This Week’s Hottie Index

There were a lot of options to choose from for this week’s Hottie Index, so we really had to buckle down. We invited every candidate over to

Fall Back into This Week’s Hottie Index with Selfies Galore

School is back. Football’s back. Sweaters are unfortunately back as well. We had a good run. At least the college kids get to break in

Maria Sharapova, Anna Kendrick and More Light Up This Week’s Hottie Index

We wanted to include the Russian relay runners who made out on the podium after winning gold  at the World Championships—but they've since backed down

Brighten Up Your Summer With This Week’s Hottie Index

We’re almost at the halfway point of the summer, which is supremely depressing. I like to consider myself more of a realist than a glass

It’s an Almost All-American Version of This Week’s Hottie Index

With July 4th falling on a Thursday this year, hopefully you’re lumping Friday and the weekend together and taking full advantage of a few days

Of Course We Have Kate Upton Again in This Week’s Hottie Index

We definitely get our share of girls in bikinis with summer in full swing. Therefore just being in a bikini isn’t good enough for a Hottie Index

Kate Upton Makes a Triumphant Return to This Week’s Hottie Index

Before we dive into this week’s Hottie Index, I’d like to take a moment of silence to honor the @KUBoobs Twitter account. It was fantastic

A Holiday Hangover in This Week’s Hottie Index

Maybe all the celebrities were hung-over after the holiday weekend because they did not go above  beyond their normal celebrity duties

We Can See-Through to a Great Group of Five in This Week’s Hottie Index

For the second week in a row, it might be more about what isn’t included in this week’s Hottie Index than what it is. I

Life is Not a Game in This Week’s Hottie Index

The madness has begun on the courts as we enter our first weekend of the NCAA Tournament, but it seems there's madness off the court as well.

Nudity and Some Old Favorites Remind Us Why We Love The Hottie Index

Nudity and sex are basically the two quickest ways to make it on to the Hottie Index. Admittedly, we’re not really picky when it comes

It’s Time to Start Your Engines for the Hottie Index

After a week hiatus, the Hottie Index returns. We took a week off as I ventured down to Nashville for a bachelor party. There was

This Week’s Hottie Index Will Help You Kill Time Until Super Sunday

While we all sit and wait to see Kate Upton’s commercial on a 55-inch TV screen, there are plenty of other girls out there making

Darnell Docket Would Not Enjoy This Week’s Hottie Index

It’s OK for you and your friends to have differing opinions on women. In fact it might be even for the better to know they

This Week’s Hottie Index Helps You Kill Time Until Turkey Week

We’re only a few days away from Thanksgiving, so you’re probably focused on “Big Wednesday” or whatever you call one of the best bar nights

This Week’s Hottie Index Proves We’re as Deep As Any Team in the Country

What do Bar Rafaeli, Giselle Bundchen, and Erin Heatherton have in common? They all dated Leo DiCaprio, but they’re also names you won’t see in

There Are Some Real Heavy Hitters in this Week’s Hottie Index

I like scouring the internet for untapped female resources, but this week we’ve got some of our old favorites on the list. It’s hard to

The Glass is Always Half Full at the Hottie Index

Since we’ve crossed the July 4th weekend, a few people are starting to get sad that the summer’s already one-third over. Since I’m a half-full

Money Talks in This Week’s Hottie Index

Money is a powerful thing. It buys you a set of fake b**bs, expensive bras, and helps attract adult entertainment stars to want to sleep

A Shout Out To Brooklyn in This Week’s Hottie Index

Like the price of sex, the week's Hottie Index is good for a cheap thrill. Rihanna fans will be sad that her being yelled at for

Brits, Babes from the Block, and Golf WAGS In the New Hottie Index: Hosted by Jenn Sterger

The Hottie Index is back for another week of analyzing which celebrity babes are currently relevant. It’s really a hard job, but someone has to

Sex Tapes and American Pride in This Weeks’ Hottie Index: Hosted by Jenn Sterger

Jenn Sterger returns with this week’s version of the Hottie Index. We lead off with a sex tape, which would obviously get your attention. Also

Famous Three-Ways and Sprint Cup Babes In This Week’s Hottie Index, Hosted by Jenn Sterger

Host Jenn Sterger runs through another edition of the Hottie Index where we focus on scandalous photos, threesomes involving athletes with movie stars, the finest

Video: ESPN Beauties and Royal Girlfriends in This Week’s Hottie Index, Presented by Jenn Sterger

ESPN personalities lead the way in this week’s Hottie Index - - hosted by the never bashful Jenn Sterger. Talent both new and old in

VIDEO: Wedding Planners and Cancelers In This Week’s Hottie Index, Presented by Jenn Sterger

Despite having to put up with all the BroBible writers for another week, Jenn Sterger is back to deliver another edition of The Hottie Index.

Introducing BroBible’s New Hottie Index Weekly Video Series Starring Jenn Sterger

The Hottie Index, written by Mr. T for more than a year now, has consistently been one of our readers' most beloved weekly columns. Its premise is

Things Heat Up in Cannes for This Week’s Hottie Index

5. Rashida Jones I’m sure some of you folks were looking for those bikini pictures of Schwarzenegger Maid Mildred Baena, but we don’t believe in bestiality