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Two Bros Turn Entire Car Into a Hot Tub, It Still Drives

So stupid. So unnecessary. So awesome.

An Old Bro Takes Us Back to 1981 With a Drug-Fueled Hook Up Story on a Greyhound Bus

This weekend is Memorial Day so I'm expecting an influx of submissions in my inbox next Tuesday. But before that, DON'T DARE MISS today's headline

Hot Tub Truth or Dare Turns Into a Foursome and Mom Brought Sandwiches to a Sex Party

I love reading all the stories that are sent in. I even like the ones that are so incoherently written that I can't decipher what

Ohio University Bro Puts Hot Tub in His Dorm Room, School Reacts Typically

“There is no place in the housing handbook that said my hot tub was not allowed,” student Kevin Lenahan said. “My hot tub heater is