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19-Year-Old Notre Dame Bro Breaks Into a Day Spa to Eat All the Hot Pockets

Wow, Notre Dame. It's not in your Catholic nature to do things like this.

Here’s a Story About a Guy on Twitter Who Fucks Hot Pockets

Because ... internet? 2014? Commercialization? Art? I don't know.

Hot Pockets Yanked From Stores for Containing ‘Diseased and Unsound Animals’ So Change Your Dinner Plans

Hot Pockets — the food most enjoyed by the diseased and unsound animals of the world — is being pulled […]

Kate Upton and Snoop Dog Made a Sexy, 4/20-Friendly Tribute to Hot Pockets

Kate Upton + Snoop Dogg + Hot Pockets = Stoner heaven? Kate Upton and Snoop Dogg filmed a music video about gooey irresistibility of Hot Pockets.