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Rosie Jones, Lucy Pinder, and 7 More Busty British Chicks Shooting Guns In Bikinis

You're not going to find a hotter video on the Internet today. Rosie Jones, Lucy Pinder, Kelly Hall, Sophie Howard, Rhian Sugden, Danni Wells, India Reynolds,

Occupy Yourself with This Great Sexy Movie Montage’

Title says it all. You'll likely recognize a number of these classic scenes. NSFW-ish, though Def Leppard never quite is. 

HotGirlsHotThings Bikini Bangarang Is Just Another Day in Hollywood, Right?

I've been to L.A., like, once in my life. I don't know any better, but I just assume it's earned it's reputation as Lalaland because

This Chiropractor’s Commercial, Filled with Droves of Hot Women, Seems Like It’s Got Some Subtext

Or maybe not. Maybe that's just us letting our imaginations run wild. Decide for yourself!

Katherine Webb’s Hot New York Post Photoshoot Will Melt Your Eyeballs

Is there such thing as too much Katherine Webb? No. No there is not. Katherine Webb, of Miss Alabama fame, recently modeled poolside for the

We Have a Fever… For More Alana Blanchard Bikini Videos

This is a sad moment for us: Today we bid adieu to Alana Blanchard's awesome Surfer Girl Series. In the six and final episode, our favorite hot

ZOMG: A New Video of Australian Hurdler Michelle Jenneke Dancing

Allow me to do a slow Daniel Bryan YES! Chant: YES! YES! YES! YES! The good dudes over at Cosby Sweaters landed a huge upcoming

Kate Upton’s Skullcandy Photoshoot Is the Highlight of Our Weekend

Hey now. Remember Kate Upton's photos for Skullcandy from earlier this year? Now there's video. Since you probably don't have anything else better to do

This Lingerie ‘Pin Up Special’ of Gillian Jacobs and Alison Brie Is One of the Finer Things in Life

Few things are better, really. 

Just a Hot Girl in Yoga Pants Hula Hooping to ‘Wagon Wheel’

Southern Bros, meet your dream girl. We've all had nights that end blasting this song in a whiskey-drunk group sing-along. And any girl who can

Watch a Young Sofia Vergara’s Bikini Pool Workout Video

Turn on the time machine. This is one of those YouTube gems from early in a Hollywood starlet's career that make the Internet such a

One Minute in Heaven with Miranda Kerr, Courtesy of the Latest Victoria’s Secret Commercial

Try to contain yourself. And note the use of Rhye’s “Open" as background music. 

Happy 4th of July from Ashley Sky Is Still Awesome Three Days Later

Because every day should be the 4th of July, do yourself a favor and watch this video of the lovely Ms. Ashley Sky. More of

In Honor of Canada Day and the 4th of July, Watch a Hot Canada vs. USA Stop-Motion Video

Earlier today a Canadian reader wrote us to express his disappointment that we forgot to acknowledge Canada Day yesterday. Whoops. Sorry Canada. Not to make

‘Bitty in My Bed’ Music Video Might Be the New Hottest YouTube Video of All Time

Remember Disclosure's unofficial music video for 'What's In Your Head' back in May? That was hot, but really it was just a bunch of random

More Louis CK Dominance, Plus Your Best Links of the Day

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Jena Sims x ‘Crazy As I May’ Is the Hottest Video You’ll Watch Today

Oh my. More stop-action gold from Kaloopy Media, this time featuring the smokin' hot Jena Sims dancing in a cut-off Florida t-shirt and blue bikini bottoms.If you're

53 Seconds In Heaven with Doutzen Kroes, Lindsay Ellingson, and Lais Ribeiro

It's been far too long since we've experienced a hot Michael Bay Victoria's Secret commercial. So, here's a new one for "The Knockout" featuring supermodels

Three Hot Blondes Made a ‘Call Me Maybe’ Video

Grab some popcorn and a boner pillow because it's three hot blondes stripping down to their underwear and lip-syncing "Call Me Maybe," which is also

The 50 Hottest Women in the World in 2012 (Video)

Well this is interesting. YouTuber metakeeper20 compiled a sexy video tribute to the 50 hottest women in the world. The 12-minute montage includes

Video: Sun, Surf and Sand: Adventures in a Bikini

Courtesy of Ssensi Bikinis comes this beautiful reel of tropical eye-candy. Is it summer yet?

‘Bikinis & Surf: Mexico’ Is Perhaps the Most Seductive Surf Video You’ll Watch Today

Did everyone enjoy their Cinco De Mayo festivities this weekend? We sure did. The title of this fine video says it all: Three babes in

Doutzen Kroes Wishes Everyone a Very Sexy Easter

Love Magazine has knocked it clear out of the park on this holiday weekend. First they gave us Kate Upton as a sexy bunny and

How About Another Yet Another Video of Shay Maria Dancing In an Airplane Hanger in Lingerie?

Aw, hell yeah. Let's end an epic Tuesday with Part III Shay Maria "Those Planes You've Been Driving." Once again, our favorite viral

The Latest Candice Swanepoel and Erin Heatherton Victoria’s Secret Workout Video Will Make You Sweat

We loved the last Victoria's Secret commercial and, by the looks of it, apparently you did too. Something tells me that Erin Heatherton

How Hot Is This New Victoria’s Secret Online Commercial

Staring Alessandra Ambrosio, Candice Swanepoel and Erin Heatherton, this new online spot for Victoria's Secret is 30 seconds in heaven. "Dissolve" by The

Trust Us, You’re Going to Love the Christmas Edition of ‘The Melanie Iglesias Flip Book’

This needs no introduction: Another insanely awesome Melanie Iglesias Flip Book (for the unfamiliar, see: here, here, and here). We're digging all the

‘There’s a One Train Runnin’ at Midnight’ Is One Very Hot Blonde-Brunnette Stop-Motion Video

Our friends at Kaloopy sent their latest eye candy over, “There’s a One Train Runnin’ at Midnight.” The video's description got our attention:

How Hot Is Catrinel Menghia in the New Fiat 500 Abarth Commercial?

Short answer: Very.

Just a Video of Anna Kournikova Working Out…

Fact: Anna Kournikova, of "The Biggest Loser" fame, is the hottest celebrity trainer on TV. That said, this video of her working out

The 15 Hottest Videos of Shay Maria

For no reason at all, we thought you needed some eye-candy this afternoon deal with those post-Halloween blues. Sans perhaps only Kate Upton, there

Seriously, This Is The Hottest Brooklyn Decker Video Ever Made

Thanks GQ for perpetuating our latent lust for a married woman! Damn you, Andy Roddick. 3:19 second in heaven after the jump.

Trust Us, You’re Going to Love Watching ‘The Melanie Iglesias Flip Book Part II’ Feat. Lisa Ramos

Back in July, we knew you'd love watching the Melanie Iglesias Flip Book. Now this beautiful vixen has created another stop motion video

Here’s Playb*y‘s Jo Garcia Enjoying Herself With Multiple Generations of Video Games

Here's the meat and potatoes of this video: Playboy's Jo Garcia provocatively fondles herself with various pieces of classic, old school video game

Lynx Explains the Rules of Rugby In the Most Titillating Way Imaginable

Don't understand the rules of rugby? Well you suck you bloody, ignorant, fat-ass American! Fortunately, the Downunder Aussie's at Lynx -- who don't

Trust Us, You’re Going to Love Watching ‘The Melanie Iglesias Flip Book’

Are you familiar with NYC-based model Melanie Iglesias? You really should be. She was the winner of the 2010 Maxim Hometown Hotties contest

VIDEO: Emmanuelle Chriqui Modeling for Hamptons Magazine

Last night's Sloane-minimal "Entourage" episode has some of us scratching our heads about why E and goddess called their impending marriage off. Was a pre-nup