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Teacher Posts Pics Of Herself ‘Having Fun’ With Her Students, Apparently ‘Fun’ Includes Banging One of Them

The world is turning into one giant Pornhub category.

Hottest Teacher I’ve Ever Seen Says 16-Year-Old She Had Affair With Wore Her Down

Some kids have all the luck.

It’s a GREAT Day for America: 23-Year-Old Teacher Who Took Nude Pics Got Her Job Back

F. Scott Fitzgerald said there are no second acts in American life. F Scott Fitzgerald is full of shit... 

Uh-Oh: Super Hot 23-Year-Old Massachusetts Teacher Busted for Nude Topless Pics

So this happened again...

College Student’s Final Essay Detailing Teacher’s Hotness Gets Him Kicked Out of School; He’s Suing

57-year-old Oakland University student Joseph Corlett had a brilliant idea in mind for his final English 380: Advanced Critical Writing essay: Write a critical, well-reasoned