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Hot Girls Wearing Santa Hats, Plus the Rest of This Weekend’s Top Talent

It's officially December so I don't want to hear that the hot chicks in Santa hats are here too soon because there will certainly be

What the Hell is Going On Here? Plus Tonight’s Top Talent

Is this a metaphor that men are not only sheep for a beautiful woman but sheep are as well? I'm confused. Enjoy the talent, Bros! 

Being Hot Has Sucked the Life Right Out of Her, Plus Tonight’s Top Talent

It's O.K., sweetheart, Bobby knows the feeling. He empathizes with your struggle; being everything to everyone and all mirrors is exhausting. That a girl, rest

Every Time I Walked Into My Dorm Room I Hoped to Find This, Plus Tonight’s Top Talent

All I wanted was for it to happen once. Just once, I wanted to walk into my room and have a girl I didn't even

Someone Didn’t Account For Her HUGE Breasts When She Bought That Sweater, Plus Tonight’s Top Talent

In her defense, I hate it when chicks wear clothes that don't appear to be painted on. Too much imagination involved that way. Enjoy the

If You Stare at These Asses Long Enough You’ll Want to Go Skiing, Plus Tonight’s Top Talent

UHH-MAH-GAAAAAHHHH I want to BURY my face in each one. Really burrow deep and make myself at home. Enjoy the talent, Brosephs.

In Honor of Halloween the Babes in Tonight’s Top Talent Are All HEADLESS!

Just think, if it weren't for heads, way more chicks would be considered "hot." Enjoy the talent and Hallow's WEEN. 

The Best Use of a Reading Lamp Ever, Plus Tonight’s Top Talent

I love a broad that knows how to shed some light on a situation. And THAT is quite the situation. What an ass -- she