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Holy CRAP: This Pic of Tara Reid In a Bikini Is Like You Got In a Time Machine to 1999

Tara? Tara Reid? Is that you? Is it 1999? Is Carson Daly on TRL? Did someone give Limp Bizcuit something to break?

That Hot Naked Chick from ‘True Detective’ Was On ‘New Girl’ And Here’s a Reminder That She’s Hot Wearing Clothes, Too

Alexandra Daddario -- aka "Marty's first hot naked girlfriend from True Detective" -- was on this week's episode of New Girl, fully clothed.

Bros: Jennifer Lawrence Cut Her Hair…. Is She Still Hot?

Bad day for guys who like chicks with long hair and great day for those who like ladies with short hair: The most loveable starlet

The 18 Hottest Jewish Female Celebrities, According to an Adult Website Survey

We're can't link you to it, but a pretty big adult website (cough: Pornhub) just polled its visitors to determine the hottest female Jewish celebrity. The

Former Bond Girl Olga Kurylenko Stars in the Hottest Yoga Video You’ll Watch Today

We have to give some serious props to our friends at Complex: They recently caught up with Ukrainian-born, French-raised hottie Olga Kurylenko for a yoga

Marry, Ditch, Do: ‘Mad Men’ Hotties Edition

"Mad Men," the best show on television, finally returns this Sunday with a two-hour season premiere, so what better time to bring you a debate

The 30 Hottest Roommate (and Housemate) Combinations in TV and Movies

With the fall TV season upon us, we've been noticing a few trends related to the networks' new batch of shows, including a surprising

50 Photos of Alice Eve, the New Mrs. Vince Chase

After nearly a decade of television excellence (and not-so-excellence), HBO’s "Entourage" finally came to a close Sunday night. We tuned in not only to find

The 11 Hottest Photos of Antoinette Nikprelaj, John Mayberry’s ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ Mermaid

Last night my beloved Philadelphia Phillies hit a very nice, round number: 90 wins, baby. This morning, however, the New York Post had a

Megan Fox Removing Her Marilyn Monroe Tattoo Because Monroe Was a Bi-Polar Mess of a Human Being

Megan Fox told Italian publication Amica that the decision to remove her Marilyn Monroe tattoo was made due to Monroe suffering from personality disorders and

Meet Addison Timlin, the ‘Californication’ Star Who Likes to Flash Her Breasts

Every Sunday night, Hank Moody slays box, beats ass, and acts as the god we all wish we could be. But we know you don't

B**bs and Bikinis Are the Theme for This Week’s Top 5 Hottie Index

5. Adrianne Palicki The "Friday Night Lights" faithful are well aware of Policki, even though co-star Minka Kelly rose quicker to celebrity status. Thankfully for her

The 22 Hottest Aliens of All Time

   "Alien" doesn't normally bring to mind hotness and sex. But thanks to Hollywood magic, some of our favorite sci-fi characters can also be pretty pleasing

Report: Natalie Portman Engaged, Pregnant

People just broke the news. Yes, I'm the father.

VIDEO: Beau Garrett, of ‘Tron: Legacy,’ Shows Off Her Sexy Bikini Bod

I'll be honest: I'd never heard of Beau Garrett until this morning, when our friends at Esquire tipped us off to their new spotlight on

The 25 Hottest Women Born in November

Today is C.E. Bro's birthday, so I hope he finds a nice young concubine out in L.A. to call his own this evening

The 25 Hottest Women Born in October

This is the third installment of our new, monthly round-up of the hottest celebrities and models born within each month. Last month, I forgot

PHOTOS: Sexy Italian Actress Violante Placido is the Only Highlight of George Clooney’s ‘American’

Thinking about seeing the new George Clooney flick, "The American"? Let me save you $13 and two of the most numbingly boring hours you'd spend

PHOTOS: Sexy Italian Actress Violante Placido from ‘The American’ (Part 2)

Check out the first part of our gallery of sexy Violante Placido photos!

The 25 Hottest Actresses and Singers with Really Short Hair

  Earlier today, Emma Watson — aka Hermione from the "Harry Potter" movies — was a top trending topic on Twitter. I clicked on her name

PHOTO GALLERY: 37 Sexy Photos of Kate Beckinsale on her 37th Birthday

  Here's what I know about Kate Beckinsale, who turns 37 years old today: She's only 5'7", but seems much taller since her legs are about four