2015 preakness stakes

Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Betting On The 2015 Preakness Stakes


Every year we think this might be the year for a Triple Crown, but maybe this is finally the year it happens.


Here’s Everything You Need to Know About the 2013 Belmont Stakes


It’s still the Belmont Stakes and the purse is still $1,000,000, which is the same amount as the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness.

weird japan

‘Japan World Cup’ sounds pretty boring, but the game is anything but


Here's a shocker: Japan World Cup is a Japanese horse race betting game that is pretty much the most batsh*t insane thing that you will see all day.

Oscar Pistorius

Oscar Pistorius Raced a Horse and WON


This victory needs a seriously LARGE asterisk because 1) that horse stumbled like an asshole out of the gates and 2) if this race was 100m longer that horse, despite the starting meltdown, would have beat him.

Woman falls at Royal Ascot

British woman’s hilarious fall captured by local news


Ignore for a moment the gratuitous shots of these women's derrieres and instead focus on the chick taking a fantastic spill at Royal Ascot.

the preakness

Here’s Everything You Need to Know About The Preakness


The Preakness never lacks for drama because there's always hope of a Triple Crown.

Horse racing

Belmont Stakes Preview: A Showdown with a Surprise Finish


Horse Racing in the state of New York has been on a downward spiral since 2004.

kicked in face

Watch a Horse Kick a Sky Sports Cameraman at Ireland’s ‘The Curragh’ Racecourse


How about getting the work week started with some footage of a Sky Sports cameraman getting clocked in the face by the hoof of a throughbred.

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