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Watch Keanu Reeves Have A Threesome With Two Hot Chicks Before His Life Becomes A Living Hell

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The title of this post is the only way I can describe the synopsis of Eli Roth's new horror flick with Keanu Reeves, Knock Knock.

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The Cheesiest Horror Movie Death Scenes Of All Time: Supercut


If there is one tradition that never fails to amuse around Halloween it's the proliferation of REALLY, REALLY bad horror movies that show up on our TV sets that, dammit, we watch anyone because they have long since crossed over from just being "bad" movies to that fun territory known as "fun bad.

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10 Horror Movies Made Even Scarier Because They’re Based On Real Events


If there is one thing that is guaranteed to make a horror movie even scarier, it's those magical words that occasionally appear before one of those films that say, "Based on (or inspired by) a true story.


10 scenes that happen in EVERY ‘found footage’ movie


Horror film makers love the “found footage” concept.

Killer Rack

‘Killer Rack’ — a flick about mutant breasts — is $20K away from becoming a reality


  Killer Rack is a "screwball comedy about Betty, who discovers her new breast implants are monsters hell bent on world domination.


13 horror films inspired by disturbing real-life events


These 13 horror films aren't the best or the worst movies ever, but the fact that were inspired by disturbing real-life events only makes them more chilling.

The Guyism Podcast

The Guyism Podcast – Jury Duty, Horror Season, Island Vacation


Chris Spags (@chrisspags) and Ryan Jones (@kryanjones) discuss jury duty, horror movies and TV shows, and Chris's time in a tropical paradise.


This might be the perfect horror movie


Ever watch a scary movie and wonder why everyone is such a goddamn idiot.

unknown horror movies

66 hidden horror movies


Keep the Halloween fun rolling with 66 of the scariest, goriest, least socially redeeming films you've never seen.

Paranormal Activity

‘Paranormal Activity’ Gets the ‘Honest Trailer’ Treatment, and It’s Frighteningly Accurate


Overhyped marketing ploys, giving undeserved acclaim to shoddy camera work--it's all here, and it's all the unfilitered truth.

Night of the Demons

Behind the screams: 23 horror movie secrets revealed


A new version of the horror film Night of the Demons just hit theaters.

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15 awesomely bad horror movies available on Netflix Instant


This list of awesomely bad scary movies available to watch instantly on Netflix (okay, some of them are actually awesome) will definitely get you in the mood for Halloween.

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