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Couple’s ‘Friday the 13th’-Themed Engagement Photos are Awesome

Most engagement photo shoots are terrible.

This New Red Band Trailer for ‘Evil Dead’ Is Quite Ridiculous

Reading a book does not appear to be worth it. At all. 

‘Paranormal Activity’ Gets the ‘Honest Trailer’ Treatment, and It’s Frighteningly Accurate

Overhyped marketing ploys, giving undeserved acclaim to shoddy camera work--it's all here, and it's all the unfilitered truth. 

This GIF Shows a Kid Getting Kicked by a Soccer Ball, Plus Your Best Links of the Day

How's it feel, breaux? Via. Follow BroBible on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Google Plus.

The Terrifying ‘V/H/S’ Trailer Will Give You Nightmares

It takes a lot to scare us in this day and age. The upcoming movie “V/H/S” just may accomplish that difficult goal. The trailer alone

The Trailer for ‘Juan of the Dead,’ Cuba’s First Zombie/Horror Movie

Liked 2004's "Shaun Of The Dead"? Here's a trailer for its culty Cuban counter-part, complete with a Cuban Revolution sub-plot that would make