Hooters Girls

Hot wings: A gallery of celebrities you didn’t know worked at Hooters


You never know, that woman you’re yelling at about your wing sauce may grow into the woman of your lust-y dreams because these people started by waiting tables at Hooters then came up on some money and fame.


Jon Gruden taught some Hooters waitresses how to play ‘football’


Jon Gruden took time out of his busy schedule of grimacing and smiling like a psycho to put some Hooters waitress through football drills.

weight loss

This Chick Lost 130-Pounds and Became a Hooters Waitress After a Drunk Guy Called Her Fat


One-hundred and thirty pounds ago, this lady was basically Rocky Balboa standing at the bottom of the stairs in Rocky 4 being told, "YOU CAN'T WIN.

Hooters Girls

8 Hooters girl GIFs to celebrate their 30th anniversary


We don't appreciate Hooters girls, we don't appreciate their many talents.

hooters ball girls

Hooters Ball Girls Continue to Look Hot, Make All Kinds of Errors


I am beginning to think that Hooters girls don’t make the best ball girls.

Philadelphia Phillies

Hooters girl fields about as well as you’d expect during Yankees-Phillies game


It's spring training time in Major League Baseball and that means all sorts of exciting gimmickry like Hooters girls serving as ball girls.

Spring Training

Hot Hooters Ballgirl Interferes with Live Baseball During Spring Training Game


A Hooters ballgirl, clad in the orange booty shorts and the cropped top, picked up a live baseball during a Spring Training game yesterday and tossed it to a kid.


Selena Gomez’s dad used her to pick up chicks at Hooters when she was 7


What childhood traumas can drive a young woman to do drastic things like date Justin Bieber.

Twin Peaks restaurant

Twin Peaks is an amazing breastaurant


Regardless of your stance on the cult TV show Twin Peaks, there's no way you won't like Twin Peaks breastaurant.

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