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This Chick Lost 130-Pounds and Became a Hooters Waitress After a Drunk Guy Called Her Fat

One-hundred and thirty pounds ago, this lady was basically Rocky Balboa standing at the bottom of the stairs in Rocky […]

Are You Going to Take Your Mom to Hooters for Mother’s Day?

Mothers Day falls on Sunday. What are you planning on doing? Heading to the Hallmark Store to A.) Make sure it still exists and B.)

Hooters Ball Girls Continue to Look Hot, Make All Kinds of Errors

I am beginning to think that Hooters girls don’t make the best ball girls. The evidence is really stacking up against them.

Hot Hooters Ballgirl Interferes with Live Baseball During Spring Training Game

A Hooters ballgirl, clad in the orange booty shorts and the cropped top, picked up a live baseball during a Spring Training game yesterday and

Was This Video of Hooters Girls Remembering 9/11 Done In Poor Taste?

Like the rest of you, we usually don't work on the weekend, so we missed posting this yesterday. But as I watched this