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Hey, a Double Alley-Oop!

At first, I was very impressed with this double-alley-oop dunk. And who wouldn’t be? It employs both unselfish and flashy ball movement. Then I dug

‘Coupla Lilly-Ass White Mormon Boys Come to the Hood to Play Come Ball’

This video delivers, big time. Just two Mormon missionaries playing some pick-up backyard ball in the hood wearing ties and everything. Dudes put on a

Bro Pranks Serious Street Ballers That He’s Former Indiana Hooiser Verdell Jones

Comedian Ben Bizuneh thought it'd be funny to head to the Venice Beach basketball courts to pretend he's former Indiana University Hooiser Verdell Jones, who's

Grinnell’s Jack Taylor Scored 138 Points in Last Night’s Game

We’ve long known that Grinnell plays a unique brand of up-tempo basketball. The small Iowa school has led the nation in scoring 15 of the

March Madness: The Teams With the Most To Prove During Championship Week

With one week left before brackets are set for the NCAA tournament, there is still a lot to play for. Teams are fighting for seeding

Top Recruit Gary Harris Nails 35-Foot Playoff Buzzer-Beater

Gary Harris proved why he’ll be playing for Michigan State next year by hitting a 35-foot buzzer-beater last night in an Indiana sectional

Watch This Falling-Out-of-Bounds, Half-Court Buzzer-Beater Find the Net

Zach Fowler’s one-handed desperation heave from mid-court found its way through the bottom of the net in an Oklahoma high school playoff game

Watch Highlights From LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony, and Chris Paul’s Exhibition Game in Philly

Yesterday NBA illumanti gathered in Philadelphia's Palestra for "The Battle of I-95," a charity exhibition hoops showcase between Baltimore's Team Melo and a

High School Senior Shaquille Johnson Has a Dirty, Dirty Dunk Highlight Reel

Internet and hoops fans everywhere, meet Shaquille Johnson, The 6'4" senior from Milton High School in Alpharetta, Georgia has one of the dirtiest

The Most Ridiculous Free Throw Shot You’ll See All Day

Here's a video of the most mind-boggling college basketball free throw you'll see all week. Somehow the gravitational

Here’s a Video Reel of Seventh Grade Hoops Sensation Adrian Moore Crushing Dunks

This 6-foot-3 freak of nature from Arkansas is only 11 and he's already making it thunderclap middle school

Nine Brackets Still Vying for Top Prizes in the BroBible.com Pick’Em Pool!

Sixty-one teams have been eliminated from the NCAA Tournament, which leaves just Michigan State, Butler, West Virginia, and Duke vying for a National Championship in

Can The Northern Iowa Panthers Pull Off Another Upset?

Editor's Note: Follow Mr. T's college hoop thoughts and gambling picks on Twitter. Last night saw another #1 seed fall as Syracuse

NCAA Tournament Recap: Did Your Bracket Survive the Weekend?

Follow Mr. T's college hoop thoughts and gambling

Northern Iowa Throws a Wrench into the BroBible.com Pick’Em Pool

So how are things looking in the BroBible.com Pick'Em pool? Well, Kansas falling to Ali Farokhmanesh and Northern Iowa certainly didn't help about 40%

Round 2 of the NCAA Tournament Begins…

So the First Round of the NCAA Tournament is over, and Saint Mary's and Villanova are readying to tip off at 1:05 p.m. ET.

Can Today’s Action Possibly Top ‘The Best NCAA Tournament Day Ever’?

We Tweeted this last night, but thought it was worth repeating this morning: How crazy was the first day of the NCAA Tournament? Of

How are the BroBible.com Pick’Em Entrants Doing? And Who’d They Pick to Win it All?

We're seven and a half games into the first day of the NCAA tournament, and already we've had a buzzer-beater 14-over-3 upset, an

Great Start to NCAA Tournament Includes Two OT Games

If you're not in front of a television or can't livestream the NCAA tournament action at work, we're giving live, rapid-fire updates over on

No Love for Huggy Bear—I’m Changing to Kentucky

I tossed and turned as I tried to fall asleep last night. I was going through the possible scenarios in my head with one day

Why Duke Will Win the National Championship

Oh, come on, you knew this was coming. You knew it when I first started hyping Duke games back in November. You knew

West Region Breakdown: Will the Orange Crush K-State & Co.?

Editor's Note: Yesterday Mr. T weighed-in with a preview of the South and East region. This morning, he broke down

Midwest Region Breakdown: Rock the Chalk with the Jayhawks

Editor's Note: Today Yesterday Mr. T weighed-in with a preview of the South and East region. Follow Mr. T's college hoop

South Region Breakdown: Baylor’s Becoming the Trendy Pick for a Reason

Previous: East Regional Breakdown. Follow Mr. T's college hoop thoughts and gambling picks on Twitter. And don't forget to join our March Madness

East Region Breakdown: Can the Mountaineers Rise Above the Wildcats?

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Game Management 101: Five Things Every Team Should Learn from Championship Week

Championship Week had some great moments for college basketball fans, but it also provided more than a few learning experiences. Before we get to our


Live-Blogging Selection Sunday

Mr. T @ 4:59 p.m.: In an hour or so, the Selection Show for the NCAA Tournament will begin on CBS. I'll be live-blogging

Evan Turner’s 30-Foot Buzzer Beater Saves Ohio State from a Michigan Upset

This is why Evan Turner is your Player of the Year. Michigan up 2 with 2.2 seconds, but they decide to not only not guard

After Big East Tournament Loss to Georgetown, Should Syracuse Fans Be Nervous?

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We witnessed a bit of a meltdown at the Garden today as