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Here’s a Story About a Bro Who Claims He Got His Best Friend’s Ex to Blow Coke Off His Dick

Because Bro Code, duh.

Bro Gets His Photo Snapped in the Act; Plus Bro Gets Caught Getting It On With Buddy’s Sister

Happy New Years. Let's make 2014 the BEST year of Hook-Up Heroes ever. Send those stories to me. Now. Or tomorrow after your

Science Finds Women Don’t Orgasm in Hookup Culture Because They Have Feelings and Men Are Dicks

Breaking stuff from The New York Times today: College-aged women aren't getting off. 

7 Outdoor Places to have Sex this Summer

Summertime and the girls are easy. Ok, well maybe not all the girls but statistics show that your chances of getting

One Billion Condoms Slated For World Cup in South Africa

With all the international eye candy at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, it's no surprise the Olympic Village ran out