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Bros Takes Viagra, Goes to In-N-Out Burger, Comes Back to Lesbians Brawling

Happens sometimes.

Here’s a Story About a Bro Who Claims He Got His Best Friend’s Ex to Blow Coke Off His Dick

Because Bro Code, duh.

‘How a Cab Driver Found My G-Spot and Gave Me The Best Sex Ever’

This isn't the raunchiest New York City hook-up story we've ever heard, but it's still a good one... 

A Couple of Bros Get Their ‘Black Belts’ While Doing the Cinnamon Challenge

I ... I don't even know what to say about this one, guys. I don't think this is how karate works. 

Seein’ Red: A Spring Break Hook-Up Leads to Complete Bed Devastation

And here we go...

Share Your Craziest Spring Break Story, Plus a Bro’s Sauna Sex Leads to Lots of Trouble

As the bleak days of winter drag on, those of college age continue to suffer. It’s just a terrible time of year. However, hope springs