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Bro’s Girlfriend Went to Study Abroad Without Him — Take a Wild Guess How That Ended

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Breaking Down Every Drunken Party Hook-Up Ever

Our Bros over at Above Average thought it'd be funny to add commentary over two drunk people hooking up at a party.

Should a Bro Go to Yoga Classes to Pick Up Chicks?

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The 13 Craziest Places People Have Admitted to Having Sex on Secret-Sharing App Whisper

Kissing and telling is nothing new, but in the digital age people are anonymously talking about the notches in their bedpost via secret sharing apps

How To Get Women Into Bed, By the Really Hot Chick in This Photo

From the forums. Above is how you get our attention. -- Editor

10 Things Not to Put on Your Tinder or Hinge Profile

If you’re willing to degrade your “game” enough to use an online dating website to facilitate sticking your penis into a vagina, then I’m not

How Do You Tell a Girl That She’s Painfully Bad In Bed?

Sometimes bad sex isn't better than no sex at all.

I’m In a Frat, So Why Am I Not Getting Laid?

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The 12 Types of Girls You’ll Meet on Tinder

Tinder. It's a slippery slope if you're not careful.

10 Sexual Situations You Learn In College

College is a time to experiment with a variety of ways to ruin your life.

Are You a Pussy for Wanting to Be More than Friends With Benefits? Plus When Her Nips Have Hair

My mother once told me that the best way to get what you want most is to behave as if it's the thing you could

More A-Listers From Lindsay Lohan’s Celebrity Sex List are Revealed

Remember all those crossed-off names on Lindsay Lohan's celebrity sex list which looked as if it were penned on a Scattergories answer sheet?

Is This a List of All the Celebrities Lindsay Lohan Has Hooked-Up With?

Did Lindsay Lohan just pull a Karen Owen?

14 Girls You’ll Meet on Spring Break (And How to Handle Them)

Who wouldn’t want to be a bro on spring break?

What’s the First Thing You Should Do When You Find Out Someone Has Cheated on You?

Cheating, joining the Navy, and Soggy Biscuits in this week's mailbag.

Why Bathtub Sex Is the Worst Kind of Sex

I mean, it's still better than no sex at all...

The Most Puzzling Sex Question I’ve Ever Received

Where the hell has Ask a Bro been? Valid question. As you may have noticed, the last month was ROUGH. [...]

How to Have Sex In a College Library

A story you may have heard about a legendary alumnus of your fraternity, something you’ve seen in every article that [...]

Of Course the Best ‘Walk Of Shame’ Picture Ever Was Taken at Penn State

This picture right here is Penn State in a nutshell.  No place in the universe like State College in the [...]

Female Olympians Say Tinder Use in the Olympics Village Is ‘Next Level’

23-year-old Olympic snowboarding goddess Jamie Anderson talked to US Weekly about the Tinder game in Sochi’s Olympic Village. Just like [...]

12 Things a Girl Doesn’t Want to Be Asked on a First Date, By Tasha Reign

I have been on a ton of dates… maybe too many.  The other day some asshole athlete I had been [...]

10 Reasons Why It’s OK to Hit on Your Friend’s Sister

You’ve known her since you were a pubescent boy and you’ve always sensed an attraction, but never acted on it. [...]

7 Chicks You Never Thought You’d Hook Up With in College

A Chick Who’s Taller than You While I personally like taller chicks, I never thought this was ever going to [...]

A 24-Year-Old Virgin Stuck on Second Base, Plus Is Owning a Cat as a Pet Bro?

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This Video Perfectly Describes the Awkwardness of Drunken One-Night Stands

Our friends at Above Average have a spectacular web series called Charles, Your Hangover. The basic gist is that guy named Charles guides you through

How to Get a Girl Back After You Were a Gigantic Asshole, Plus Some Gifts Are a Curse

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10 Signs She’s Going Home with You After Last Call

You've closed out your tab and it's almost time to get a cab. Will a babe be by your side?

If I Drink a Six-Pack of Beer Every Night, Does That Make Me an Alcoholic?

My holidays we're great. Thanks for asking. First Ask a Bro of 2014. Go time. 

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Bro Attempts to Pick Up Chicks Using Nothing But His Six String and Ethereal Voice, SUCCEEDS!

Yeah, might have flew too close to the sun with that headline. Still, not a bad way to corral the ladies if you have the

‘SNL’s Twin Bed’ Covers the Awkwardness Of Hooking Up When You’re Home for the Holidays

We've all been there. 

Science Has Officially Determined the Difference Between Booty Calls, One-Night Stands and Others

Leave it to science to remove the ambiguity from the nebulous terms we've invented for hooking up. 

What Do You Do When You Love Your Girlfriend, But Hate Her Vagina, Plus A Killer Scavenger Hunt List

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14 Things She Wants You to Know About Her Vagina

For not being a lesbian, I sure do spend a lot of time around vaginas. I interact with women on a very personal basis on

Bro Intentionally Gave The Clap to a Girl Who Wronged His Friend, Plus Who’s Up for Salad Tossin’?

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How Do You Tell a Nagging Ex to Fuck Off Without Actually Saying It?

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Bro’s Girlfriend Wants Him to Wear a Vibrating Dick Ring, Plus Should You Hit on Chicks on LinkedIn?

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ATTN: Girls Who Play Hard To Get, I’m Sick And Tired of Your Shit

You want what you can’t have. It’s a concept that can be traced back to the hunter and gatherer era, probably. A bold strategy that

Bro’s Penis + College Chick With Braces = Emergency Room Hell, Plus Is Not Always Wanting Sex Weird?

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5 Things You Can Learn from Adult Film Star, James Deen

In a world of bad spray tans, greasy hair, grunting and twelve-packs, one man stands out among the rest. No I’m not referring to the

Bro Shares His Friend’s Halloween Hook Up Horror, Plus Dude Bangs Fat Chick, Regrets It

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