5 Things Every Guy Does Immediately After He Downloads Tinder


Oh Tinder, you beautiful, much-maligned crazy beast of an app.


Guy Asks Other Dudes If They’ll Have Sex With His Hot Girlfriend While He Watches


YouTube After watching this, you'll hopefully recognize that they probably had a ton of people take the bait on this and then refuse to sign the waiver, because everyone in this video is either foreign or appears to give no fucks.


5 Questions You Should Never Ask When In A Casual Relationship


Tasha Reign There are many articles listing which questions to ask when you’re dating.


A Guy Sent This SnapChat Video To His Friends Of Him Making Out With 36 Girls In One Night

By | 3 Comments

YouTube You know how I know that this guy would suck his own dick if it were physically possible.

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U.S. Map Shows Which States Are Best to Live In If You’re Just Looking For Casual Sex


We just received this map created by Clover, which is an app that allows you too meet singles who have the same sexual intent as you.

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