Guy Gets Carjacked By Hooker With A BB Gun After Agreeing To Pay $10 For A Beej


A man in Ocala, Florida set out to pay for a simple beej, but ended up getting carjacked by a crazed hooker with a bb gun.


Guy Traveled To Mexico To Kill Himself, Had A Change Of Heart After Banging Hookers And Doing Tons Of Cocaine


Stories with suicidal beginnings can, in fact, have happy, life-affirming endings.


This Escort Charges $1,000 An HOUR For Her Services And Has Managed To Only Save $200,000 In Five Years


Today marks the day that I learned I’m officially working in the wrong line of business if I want to spend my days laying around being rich as fuck.

weird arrests

Man In A Tuxedo Fires Shots At Couple Who Interrupted His Illegal Sex Session


I've heard of cockblocking before, but, yeah, I'm not going to go there.

Old people

Clown Hooker Grandmas Are Now Offering Gas Station Hand Jobs For $2


To be fair it was originally $3, but they bartered against themselves.


Dan Bilzerian Tells Story Of His Two Heart Attacks, Which Were Obviously Caused by Hookers, Viagra and Blow


Just a casual story for this Tuesday morning about having two heart attacks amidst an attempt to fuck a hooker.


Would you hit this mother-daughter prostitution combo?


They're allegedly slangin' it in a two-for-one special for $100.

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