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You Know Those Hot, Redheaded, Teen Hookers? We Found Their ‘Hire Us’ Ad

You're welcome.

Clown Hooker Grandmas Are Now Offering Gas Station Hand Jobs For $2

To be fair it was originally $3, but they bartered against themselves.

Lea Michele Is Dating a Male Hooker

And we have questions.

Dan Bilzerian Tells Story Of His Two Heart Attacks, Which Were Obviously Caused by Hookers, Viagra and Blow

Just a casual story for this Tuesday morning about having two heart attacks amidst an attempt to fuck a hooker.

What Two Guys on the Timberwolves Got Blowjobs From a Hooker Named Candy Deepthroat This Weekend?

Candy Deepthroat is back.

AUDIO: Bro Calls 911 to Complain About the About the Quality of His Prostitute

It takes a real Bro -- er, LAD -- to pull this move off. A lad over in England called up a prositute advertising her

Peaches the Prostitue Tells Interviewer What Life is Like For a Hooker in Houston

Peaches, fresh off giving some John a $20 stroke job, took a few minutes to talk to an interviewer about her life as prostitute and

Important! Brazilian Hookers Are Learning English Before the 2014 World Cup

You have to show some respect to the Rio streetwalkers—they're working hard for their money. I'm not sure we would expect America's women of the

A Few More Photos of the Colombian Hooker from the Secret Service Scandal

We first showed you this chick, at the center of a stupid Secret Service scandal, yesterday when her first photo blazed a trail around the

‘Lucky’ Homeless Hit Jackpot When Brothel Opens Doors

Maybe the whole homeless thing isn’t so bad after all; at least not for a few lucky hobos in Austria. After all of the city’s

Zimbabwean Man Gets Shock of His Life When Prostitute He Ordered Turns Out to Be His Daughter

Some people consider being poor, or jobless, or homeless, or a relative of Jerry Sandusky, or having a micro-pen*s as "rock bottom." Those things unanimously

The 20 Ugliest Hookers Arrested In Florida This Week

Throughout the course of the last week, sixty people -- hookers, pimps, gang members, and johns -- were arrested in Winter Haven, Florida, as part

10 Facts You Didn’t Know About New York City Prostitutes

How much does a New York City prostitute charge for sex? Depends on where you found her and how you found her. New research about

The Most Ridiculous Cash4Gold Rejection Letter You’ll Read All Day

Here's a really ridiculous rejection letter from Cash4Gold.com. Props to Mr. Haberny for telling the website about how he found a bunch of "14 karat

19-Year-Old Missouri Man Goes to Police to Seek Refund from Hookers

Cue the "I remember my first hooker" insults. Or the "this kid is a p*ssy and should probably die" rants because Ryan McNames (no really,