Here Is What Happened To Homeless Joe, The 26-Year-Old In NYC Who Was Sleeping With A New Girl Every Night


Back in September, our friends at Elite Daily produced a rabidly viral documentary about a 26-year-old homeless guy living on the streets of Manhattan.


If You’ve Ever Wondered What A Homeless Man Does With Your Donations, Watch This Video


YouTube Josh Paler Lin set out to give a homeless person money, then stalk them for the day in hopes of finding them doing shady things with his money.


Real Life Dirty Mike And The Boys From ‘The Other Guys’ Are These Homeless Gangs Having Orgies On Drugs In A Cemetery


Dirty Mike and the Boys were one of the best parts of the 2010 film The Other Guys, and because I love them so much I’ve been kind enough to throw in a bunch of gifs that basically summarize their role in the movie, which was torturing Will Ferrell and his bitch-ass Prius: However, not everyone has the same sense of humor I do, since residents in a middle-class part of north London by the name of Stoke Newington are royally pissed about the homeless people in the area having drug fuelled orgies in the local cemetery.

miley cyrus

The Homeless Kid Miley Cyrus Brought To The VMA’s Is No Longer Homeless, Because He’s In Jail


We’ve gone almost an entire day without posting something about Miley Cyrus, so it looks like it’s up to me to break the streak and throw some good ol’ Cyrus news up in this bitch.

picking up girls

How A Homeless 20-Something In NYC Survives By Picking Up Girls Every Night

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"Since there's 8 million people in this city, if you're not getting laid, you're an asshole.

trash for beer

Amsterdam keeps streets clean by hiring alcoholics to pick up trash in exchange for beer


Amsterdam furthers its claim as the coolest city in the world by supporting The Rainbow Group, which givie homeless alcoholics beer in exchange for picking up trash.


Homeless Man Does Amazing ‘Breaking Bad’ Impressions for Food


OK, this video seems like a pretty obvious fake viral stunt, but it's worth it for a bearded shirtless dude giving amazing Breaking Bad impressions.

Shania Twain

9 famous people who were once homeless


It’s no secret that a lot of celebrities struggle on their way up the ladder of fame.


Chad Johnson Spent All of Saturday Ballin’ Out with…a Homeless Dude?


Prior to Satuday, April 27th 2013, the only Porkchop anyone ever needed to know was the dog from the rather excellent Nickelodeon show, Doug.


‘Lucky’ Homeless Hit Jackpot When Brothel Opens Doors


Maybe the whole homeless thing isn’t so bad after all; at least not for a few lucky hobos in Austria.

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