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Watch This Homeless Lady Set the World Record For Farthest Chair Toss in a Fast Food Joint

Let’s all watch this homeless woman go crazy inside a Jack In the Box in California.

Carlos Santana Reunites with His Former Drummer, a Homeless Man Living on the Streets of Oakland

What a great story. Marcus Malone is a former drummer in the Carlos Santana blues band. He's lived homeless on the not-so-kind streets of Oakland for

A Hawaii State Representative Is Straight Sledgehammering Homeless People’s Shopping Carts

Hawaii: It'd be a pretty great place to live, right? The beaches, the Mai Tais, the lei's. Unfortunately, many people think similarly, only to arrive in the state

Comedian Fat Jew Does SoulCycle for the Homeless on NYC CitiBikes Station

This is the most amazing thing I've watched today. Comedian Fat Jew managed to combine three things New Yorkers won't shut up -- SoulCycle, CitiBike,

‘Spare Any Change’ Envisions a (Now Real) World Where Homeless Can Accept Credit Card Donations

We were promised hovercars and time travel. We were given homeless people who take card. 

Crazy Homeless Guy Gets Knocked Out on the Subway after Ranting, Yelling N-Word

New Yorkers trade crazy homeless person stories like currency. You once had a drunk homeless guy at 11 a.m. corner you and accuse you of

There’s Another Homeless Man With a Golden Voice

If the Internet has anything to say about it, James Percell is about to get his 15-minutes of fame. Homeless for 5 years, Percell was