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Homeless Man Does Amazing ‘Breaking Bad’ Impressions for Food

OK, this video seems like a pretty obvious fake viral stunt, but it's worth it for a bearded shirtless dude giving amazing Breaking Bad impressions. According to

This Homeless Man Has a Funny, Mesmerizing Talent (UPDATE)

Get this guy a deal working with the homeless dude with the golden voice on a Kraft Macaroni and Cheese commercial. Come on, Kraft, do

Surprise, Surprise: Barefoot Homeless Man is Barefoot Again, Also Wants ‘Piece of the Pie’

Just as this story was on it's way to viral town, I wrote a post saying that my psychotic friend has hated this EXACT homeless

Vampires Join The Apocalypse Foray, Begin Attacking Homeless People

Looks like Vampires are the new Zombies. May be wise to start carrying around giant cloves of garlic.  Police in San Diego issued an APB yesterday

Homeless Guy in Miami Creates Awesome Flip Sign Out of 40 Oz Case Dividers

It isn't very often we can praise a panhandler for an innovative way of asking for our pocket change. But this guy in Miami knows

VIDEO: ‘Homeless’ Man with Kermit the Frog Puppets Performs ‘Under Pressure’

A "homeless" man sitting outside a building with two Kermit the Frog hand puppets lip-dubbing Queen's "Under Pressure" might seem like the weirdest thing you'll