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Dick Cheney Says He Feared a ‘Homeland’-Style Attack on His Heart

I would say he had recently gone through a Homeland binge, but this predates the show by a couple of years. Regardless, Dick Cheney told

5 Reasons ‘Homeland’ Is the Most Sexist Show on TV

Homeland is the most frustrating show on television. Here's why:

The Official Trailer for ‘Homeland’ Season Three

With the entertainment world focused on the final season of Breaking Bad, it's as good a day as ever to release the first official trailer for another

The ‘It’s Always Sunny in Homeland’ Mashup Is Just Terrific

This is the work of a genius. Come to think of it, Charlie Day and Carrie Mathison really conduct themselves similarly in the workplace. That

Video Proof Illuminati Masterminds Are Behind ‘Homeland’

This post is for "Homeland" fans and "Homeland" fans only. No need for words here. Just watch the video... 

Hollywood’s Frat: Recasting Major Television Stars As Members of a Fraternity

If today’s best and brightest television stars went to college, where would they land in the Natty-crushing spectacle that is present-day Greek Life? We figured

‘Homeland’s’ Damian Lewis Signed Box Set for Obama, ‘From One Muslim to Another’

That headline might be a little too sensationalist (JUST A LITTLE), but "Homeland's" Damian Lewis, who plays Nick Brody, did actually once sign a "Homeland"

New ‘Homeland’ Trailers Get Us Stoked for Carrie Mathison Going Psycho and Kicking Terrorist Ass

One of the best shows on TV, hands down, returns on September 30th. It can't come soon enough. I'm not going to spoil a single