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‘Dad in a Box’ Is the Military Homecoming Video to End All Military Homecoming Videos

I have a soft spot for these military homecomings, wherein service members surprise their family members by arriving home from […]

Here’s How the University of Arizona Does Homecoming

Needs more naked women if you ask us. But, then again, we can make that argument for just about any event. 

College Baseball Bro Proclaims He’s a ‘One Man Thrill Ride’ In Hilarious Rant About the Alumni Game

Bros... Meet former Fitchburg State University's baseball player Jimmy Preston. The self-professed "One-Man-Thrill-Ride" recently went back to his alma mater to play in an alumni game and relive

8 Do’s and Don’ts for Attending Your College Homecoming

The moment is coming, whether you're ready for it or not. You're going to graduate, and you're going to go out in the world to

Giant Great Dane Named ‘Emmitt Thunderpaws’ Welcomes His Soldier Owner Home After a Nine Month Tour

I'm a little out of pocket this week on a shark/rockfish-fishing odyssey, but when I saw this video of a monstrous Great Dane