USF Students Ruin Homecoming By Ordering Shirts With Opposing Team’s Colors


University of South Florida (in Tampa) has their homecoming football game this weekend, and the school just dropped $5,600 in fees (from students) on purple and gold shirts.

US Military

‘Dad in a Box’ Is the Military Homecoming Video to End All Military Homecoming Videos


I have a soft spot for these military homecomings, wherein service members surprise their family members by arriving home from tours unexpectedly.


8 Do’s and Don’ts for Attending Your College Homecoming


The moment is coming, whether you're ready for it or not.


Giant Great Dane Named ‘Emmitt Thunderpaws’ Welcomes His Soldier Owner Home After a Nine Month Tour


I'm a little out of pocket this week on a shark/rockfish-fishing odyssey, but when I saw this video of a monstrous Great Dane named Emmitt Thunderpaws welcoming home his solider owner from a nine-month deployment, I knew it needed to be posted here right away.

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