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Bryce Harper Hit Three Home Runs Yesterday

Bryce back.

Hero Dad Catches Home Run While Holding Child on Father’s Day


VIDEO: Kid Hits Home Run While Being Intentionally Walked

He wouldn't be so good if he wasn't so tall.

Bryce Harper Just Crushed a Home Run That Touched the Upper Reaches of Space

He's not human.

Yasiel Puig Hits Walk-Off Homer, Slides Into Home Because He’s Different

Yasiel Puig took the world by storm with his insane first month in the majors. Since then, the insanity surrounding him has tapered off a

Someone Please Explain This Adam Jones Home Run to Us

Baltimore Orioles centerfielder Adam Jones hit a home run against the Minnesota Twins that you kind of have to see to believe. The ball rocketed

San Diego Padres Fan Makes Sensational Grab on Yuniesky Betancourt’s Home Run

Nothing endears an Average Joe to the American people like making a sick grab during a baseball game. That’s precisely why this San Diego Padres

Bryce Harper Homered in His First Two At-Bats of the Year

Bryce Harper is on pace for 324 home runs this year. Will he actually hit that many? That’s a clown question, Bro.

Here’s Our Official 2012 Home Run Derby Drinking Game

Because what other excuse do you have to drink on a Monday night? 

Bryce Harper Absolutely Killed a Baseball

Bryce Harper hit his seventh Major League home run last night. I’m not sure if it’s actually landed yet.

Giancarlo Stanton Breaks Marlins Scoreboard With Massive Grand Slam

A guy named Mike hits home runs. A guy named Giancarlo hits grand slams that conjure up memories of Roy Hobbs in “The Natural.”

This is What Bryce Harper’s First MLB Home Run Looked Like

It took Bryce Harper 15 games and 54 at-bats to hit his first major league home run. He’ll need to go deep more often than

Watch All Four of Josh Hamilton’s Home Runs From Last Night

Texas Rangers outfielder Josh Hamilton became just the 16th player in Major League history to hit four home runs in a game last night against

Omar Infante Brought the Miami Marlins Home Run Sculpture to Life

Miami Marlins second baseman Omar Infante blasted the first home-team home run in Marlins Park history this afternoon, setting in motion this monstrosity.

Peter Bourjos Hit the Season’s First Inside-the-Park Home Run

Peter Bourjos is really fast, so I have no idea what Minnesota Twins outfielder Josh Willingham was doing crashing face-first into the wall trying to