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Dude Plays Every Part in ‘Home Alone’ in Memorable Christmas Card

You've never seen Home Alone like this. Mostly because it takes a certifiably demented adult man to play every role in the film on a

I Just Made the Greatest ‘Home Alone’ GIF on the Internet

The Good News: You can go to this website and find the Home Alone "Buzz, Your Girlfriend... WOOF!" Maker, upload a file and have fun for hours watching Kevin

Macaulay Culkin Follows Up ‘Home Alone’ Success with Band That Only Sings About Pizza

This is what you do when you pulled in an $8 million paycheck at the age of 14: You say "Screw it." You don't appear in a major

This Honest Trailer of ‘Home Alone’ Is Alarmingly Accurate

One part Ferris Bueller, one part Saw. Yep. That's the magic of Home Alone. Kevin McCallister, you little sociopath.

10 Parts In Home Alone That Still Bother Me

It's a holiday classic, but why the hell didn't Kevin eat the macaroni?

‘Home Alone: With A Vengeance’ Would Be An Instant Classic

This absolutely must be made. There is great public interest surrounding what Kevin McCalister is up to RIGHT NOW.