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That Awkward Time Kirsten Dunst Went to a Strip Club…

Kirsten Dunst dropped $1,000 on some strippers in New Orleans this weekend. Ballin’ work, Dunst. Glad to see you still […]

Bros: Jennifer Lawrence Cut Her Hair…. Is She Still Hot?

Bad day for guys who like chicks with long hair and great day for those who like ladies with short hair: The most loveable starlet

The 18 Hottest Jewish Female Celebrities, According to an Adult Website Survey

We're can't link you to it, but a pretty big adult website (cough: Pornhub) just polled its visitors to determine the hottest female Jewish celebrity. The

You’re Going to Get to See Jennifer Lawrence Naked Soon, Bros

Amazing news, Bros: America's Hollywood sweetheart, Jennifer Lawerence, is going to get naked on-screen, you guys. Very, very naked, in fact, as Mystique in the

Amanda Bynes Arrested In New York City for Allegedly Throwing a Bong Out of a Window

Uh-oh. Welcome to a new weird twist in The Amanda Show. According to reports by the New York Post and NBC New York, Amanda Bynes

‘Don’t You Know Who I Am?!?!’: Reese Witherspoon Arrest DASH CAM VIDEO Released

Oh man, this is FUN to watch. Earlier today Reese Witherspoon pleaed no contest on a disorderly conduct charge and apologized for her behavior during the

A 7 GIF Tribute to Mila Kunis, the World’s ‘Most F*ckable Celebrity’

In a recent poll, readers of Details Magazine voted Mila Kunis as "the worlds most f*ckable celebrity." Can you blame them? In honor of this

Emilia Clarke from ‘Game Of Thrones’ Is Still Your Dream Girl Without Makeup

Oh sweet, sweet Khaleesi, Daenerys Targaryen, Mother of Dragons. Some day you shall rightfully sit on the Iron Throne and rule the Seven Kingdoms.  This picture

Emma Watson Poses for Her Hottest Photoshoot Yet

Emma Watson is on the cover of British GQ magazine, dishing to the rag about her upcoming movie, The Bling Ring, the trailer that gave us the

The 100 Sexiest Actresses Over 40

We've had the biggest crush on Amanda Peet since "that scene" in "The Whole Nine Yards." You know which one... 

20 Things You Didn’t Know About the Gorgeous Eliza Coupe

Our friends over at Uproxx recently interviewed the lovely Eliza Coupe, best known for her work as Jane Kerkovich-Williams on "Happy Endings"  

Anyone Want to Watch a Video of Lindsay Lohan Getting Arrested for Assault in a New York City Club?

Last night it happened again: America's favorite bad girl, Lindsay Lohan, was arrested outside New York City's Avenue nightclub for allegedly punching a woman in the

Guess What Happens When You Ask Alison Brie to Do the Dougie?

What, you think Alison Brie is just going to imitate another famous hot girl's viral success by doing the dougie? TOO EASY. Damn, son: You

Rate Scarlett Johansson’s New ‘Lucky You’ Tattoo

World-famous French tattoo artist Fuzi Uvtpk recently inked Scarlett Johansson with a special horseshoe “lucky you” tattoo on her ribcage. It looks a little off-center,

15 Reasons We Love Bollywood Stunner Priyanka Chopra

There's a very good chance you're not familiar with Priyanka Chopra. Not yet, anyway. Starring in over 40 Bollywood films, she's one of the most recognizable

Mila Kunis Is Esquire’s Sexiest Woman Alive 2012

Over the weekend Esquire quietly announced its Sexiest Woman Alive 2012: The beautiful and charming Mila Kunis. Oh Mila, Mila, Mila. What a dream girl. PIc

The Hottest Girls at the 2012 Emmys

Did you read our 2012 Emmy Live Blog? You should! Now let's get down to what's important: Who were the hottest babes in attendance at TV's

Former Bond Girl Olga Kurylenko Stars in the Hottest Yoga Video You’ll Watch Today

We have to give some serious props to our friends at Complex: They recently caught up with Ukrainian-born, French-raised hottie Olga Kurylenko for a yoga

Suggestive Emma Watson GIFs Win the Internet This Weekend, Plus Your Best Links on the Web

Happy Weekend! Emma Watson went dancing with Jimmy Fallon the other evening, resulting in this absurd GIF via our friends at Guyism. Your best links

Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens Pose for More ‘Spring Breakers’ Bikini Promo Pics

The highly anticipated coed narco-thriller “Spring Breakers” just premiered at the Venice Film Festival. Personally, I like how Reuters is describing the movie as a

The 13 Best Stripteases in Movie History

Ah, the timeless art of seduction. Women have tried to capture the attention of men a million different ways. The one that works best, as

Lindsay Lohan Poses With a Gun for Terry Richardson (13 Pics)

Terry Richardson is a busy dude these days. When he's not convincing America's dream girl to jiggle her jugs on the Santa Monica pier, he's manufacturing

For Some Reason Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Chest Is Smaller in the Ads for ‘The Client List’

Important update RE: Jennifer Love-Hewitt looking hot in "The Client List."  The pop culture mavens at the New York Daily News discovered that two ads

Are the Olivia Munn and Christina Hendricks Leaked Pics Real or Fake?

Yeah, we're not posting them around here for obvious reasons. But it's this evening's hot Internet story. Seems like their cell phones were both hacked.

10 Babes We Hope to See More of from AskMen’s Top 99 Most Desirable Women of 2012 List

Earlier today our friends at AskMen.com dropped their annual list of the Most Desirable Woman of 2012. So, who's the most desirable women in the

The Eight Hottest Photos of Katie Holmes We’ve Seen In Years

Serious question: When's the last time you've seen everyone's favorite "Dawson Creek" alumnus look this hot? Here's the hazel-eyed Mrs. Tom Cruise in a

I Pity the Fool Who Thought Mila Kunis Wasn’t Going to Go on That Date with Sgt. Scott Moore

Yesterday there was some really dumb postulating online that Mila Kunis had "broken her word" and was bailing on her date to the Marine Corps

Mila Kunis Accepts Sgt. Scott Moore’s YouTube Invitation to the Marine Corps Ball!

This is the best news you'll hear all day. Remember our boy Sgt Scott Moore of the 3rd Battalion 2nd Marines? Not only does

Jessica Szohr Talks About Bodypaint and Stripping Down in the Costa Rican Jungle for Sobe

If you're anything like us, by now you've memorized and dogeared where all your favorite models appear in the 2011 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue rocked

VIDEO: Megan Fox’s Hot New Armani Ad is a Tease

Every couple of months Megan Fox drops a new black and white ad for Emporio Armani, presumably to keep the paychecks coming so she can

25 Hot Photos of Diora Baird

Remember the scene in "Wedding Crashers" where Owen Wilson forgets that babe's name? Recall how she had the hotters of the century? Diora Baird. Yeah,

Kim Kardashian Sucks at Doing a Keg Stand

Wanna see Kim Kardashian sucking down a keg stand on one of those moronic E! shows? This clip is from Kardashian's 30th birthday bash in

Meet Addison Timlin, the ‘Californication’ Star Who Likes to Flash Her Breasts

Every Sunday night, Hank Moody slays box, beats ass, and acts as the god we all wish we could be. But we know you don't

Nine Sexy Photos of German Hottie Diane Kruger in the New Issue of GQ

American women will always be the best, but, deep down, there's a huge soft spot in my heart for the adorable blonde women of Deutschland.

FLASHBACK: Remember How Insanely Hot Britney Spears Used to Be?

We recently re-discovered a few topl*ss, but SFW outakes of Brittney Spears from what we believe to be a photoshoot for Elle Magazine in

Photos of Nicole Eggert Remind Us Who’s Really ‘in Charge’

During last night's episode of "Family Guy" one of their typical random asides was to a clip from '80s TV classic "Charles in Charge." Nicole

The 20 Hottest Babes of 2010

Here's our look back at the 20 hottest babes who have defined and made their presence universally known in 2010. Happy New Year, everybody!

The Natalie Portman/Mila Kunis Girl-on-Girl Scene from ‘Black Swan’ that Everyone’s Talking About

Yesterday Egotastic leaked the much-buzzed about scene from "Black Swan." You know, the one where Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis get it on, girl-on-girl style.

UPDATE: This is Definitely Not a Video of Disney Star Demi Lovato Blowing a Fat Line of Cocaine

Back in mid-November, allegations surfaced about Demi Lovato attending a "coke party" in North Richland Hills, Texas. An attendee of the party told the gossip

Here’s a Video of Barely Legal 18-Year-Old Pop Sensation Miley Cyrus Doing a Bong Hit

Here's a video of international Disney channel superstar Miley Cyrus acting her age. Of course, by "acting her age," we mean she's doing a bong