Watch A Bunch Of Couples Get Hammered And Hilariously Try To Build Gingerbread Houses


Look, I'm getting sick of all the holiday-themed videos that have been flooding the Internet all month.


Here’s Jessie J Twerkin’ Her Butt Off While Wearing A Turkey On Her Head Because Something Something Holidays


Via Instagram There's no better reason to upload of a video of yourself twerking while wearing a Turkey on your head than the holiday season.

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5 Holiday-Inspired Drinks That Won’t Make You Lose The Respect Of Men Everywhere


Another December and another parentally hosted holiday party complete with the traditional pre-party screaming match and subsequent meltdown.


This Is What It Looks Like When Jews Decorate Christmas Trees For The First Time


My Jewish roommate in college was the only excited person in our house when it came time to decorate our Christmas tree, whereas the other 5 of us who actually celebrated Christmas sat around and let her barf candy canes all over the damn thing.

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Are Your Family Photos More Awkward Than The Ones In This Video?


Sometimes people come up with great ideas for family portraits, and somtimes people come up with awful ideas for family portraits that end up getting immortalized via the Internet.


This Is What Happens Inside Your Body When You Eat Too Much During Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving is possibly the worst holiday of the year, not just because it requires you to spend inordinate amounts of time with extended family that you can't handle for more than 3 hours at a time, but because the food sucks.

happy holidays you assholes

Here’s A Three Minute Video Of Poop Jokes With Santa Taking A Shit In Someone’s House Because Merry Christmas


I don't know any better way to celebrate the Christmas season than with this video of Santa taking an explosive shit in some random person's house, then having kids walk in on him and try to jack all his gifts.


Even The Manliest Of Bros Will Tear Up Watching This Holiday Commercial Featuring A Little Boy And His Penguin


There’s a clothing store up the street from our office that already has a Christmas tree with fake gifts sitting underneath it sitting in their front window and it’s not even Thanksgiving.


Happy 4th of July from BroBible!


Our favorite holiday of the year has finally arrived.

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